LADOT considering transit service reductions, fare increases

The DASH DD is one of the proposed lines to be cut.

The DASH DD is one of the proposed lines to be cut.

In the face of a massive budget shortfall, LADOT is studying all of its transit services (which include DASH, Commuter Express, City Ride and Charter Bus) in order to decide which services to alter or cut all together. The agency admits that even with service reductions a fare increase is likely needed to make up for the shortfall. The study is open to public comment and LADOT transit customers are encouraged to submit suggestions. LADOT has put together a website with a FAQ and a list of recommended service changes.

Streetsblog LA has further coverage detailing which specific services are on the chopping block.

Read the press release after the jump.

An Important Message to the Riders of LADOT Services

LADOT has begun an analysis of all of its transit services to respond to the significant budget shortfall facing its transit services program. The analysis will focus on underperforming routes with low ridership as well as services that may be duplicative of services provided by other agencies such as Metro to determine how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of LADOT’s services and cut its costs.

While the analysis is intended to identify cost savings through improved efficiencies, it is not expected to yield the savings to offset the shortfall and your LADOT transit service could face fare increases, service reductions or even elimination. It is, therefore, very important that riders provide LADOT with input about their transit service.

Riders are encouraged to submit their suggestions in one of three ways:

  • INTERNET – Go to
  • TELEPHONE – Call LADOT at 213-455-0880
  • MAIL – Send your suggestions to LADOT at 201 N. Los Angeles Street, Space #18B, Los Angeles, CA 90012

The analysis is the first phase in LADOT’s effort to meet its budget shortfall. Recommendations will be made from the initial analysis, including those comments received from our riders and interested non-riders. At that time, LADOT will make those recommendations known to our riders and the general public to enable everyone to again have an opportunity to make comments. Once the comment period is over, final recommendations will be presented to the City Council for approval. Once approved, a series of public hearings will be held prior to any changes in service and all riders will be presented with the opportunity to participate in the process at those hearings as well.

LADOT thanks you for your participation.

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