Transportation headlines, Thursday, Jan. 7

It’s always fun to start the day reading someone really take it to “the man.” And Damien Newton does just that at L.A. Streetsblog, explaining his issues with the city of Los Angeles’ bike master plan. He writes:

“I am worried that this isn’t really what can be considered a “plan” at all.  A plan has deadlines, designates who is responsible for what, has a list of goals, objectives, strategies and tactics, and most importantly identifies a source or sources of funding to make the goals, objectives, strategies and tactics of the plan a reality.”

“Taking the bus used to just be about taking the bus. Now it’s about everything in between: life, death, love, hate, fear, bravery… Every ride is an adventure in being human,” writes Emily Henry at the Huffington Post. Henry also writes about some of the interesting folks she’s met getting around town, including a pantless dude being hustled out of a McDonald’s.

Vice President Joe Biden writes about why America needs Amtrak in an article republished by the Huffington Post. So it will be interesting to see how Amtrak and other existing and future rail lines are funded in the next federal transportation bill — if, that is, the bill ever starts moving through Congress. It’s already late.

The rest of today’s headlines, compiled by the Metro library, are after the jump.

Advisory Committee For Gold Line Eastside Extension Meets Next Thursday (Jan. 14, 2010)
LA StreetsBlog
Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension Review Advisory Committee website

Bike Master Plan Comments Due Friday: Here’s Mine
LA StreetsBlog

City To Uncle Sam: Can We Borrow A Few Billion For New Trains?
LA Curbed

Devastation In The Aftermath Of California’s Transit Funding Crisis
California Transit Association

Dodd And Dorgan Retiring: The Consequences For Transportation Policy
DC StreetsBlog

Enterprises Are Key To Smarter US Transportation
Internet Evolution

How Google And Portland’s TriMet Set The Standard For Open Transit Data
SF StreetsBlog

I-405 Expansion in LA Offers a Case Study of the Fundamental Law of Traffic Congestion
Environmental and Urban Economics

Initiative Launched To Protect CA Transportation Funds

L.A., Long Beach Ports Fight To Stay Dominant
Los Angeles Times

New Report Finds American Auto Fleet Shrinking
DC StreetsBlog

Omnitrans Gains New CEO: One-Time Mechanic Says He Aims To Boost Ridership
San Bernardino Sun

Should Drivers Be Taxed By The Mile?
Houston Chronicle

Tales From A Bus In Los Angeles
Huffington Post

Transit Committee Favors Naming Rights (San Diego County’s North County Transit District marketing committee recommends naming rights for train stations)
North County Times

Troubling Silence On Transit In Gov’s State Of The State Address
LA StreetsBlog

Washington State GIS Transportation Repository Takes Long Road
Government Technology

What’s A Computer Doing On This Bus? (Singapore outfits bus with laptops, monitor, and printer)
Asia One

Why America Needs Trains
(by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden)
Huffington Post

With Congestion Pricing, Saving Time Trumps Reducing Pollution
LA StreetsBlog

You Can Drive 55: How A National Speed Limit Could Improve Our Lives

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