Metro awaits budget from state

As you probably know, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered his State of the State address this morning in Sacramento. It’s a runup to his release of the state budget on Friday — a budget that Metro officials are closely watching to see what, if any, the impacts are on public transportation funding.

Schwarzenegger did not provide many details, but said that the state faces additional cuts to make up for a nearly $20 billion deficit — and that he wants to protect education funds.

Transit agencies in the state have already seen billions of dollars in funding diverted to other uses by state lawmakers in the past decade to help reduce budget deficits. The California Supreme Court ruled the diversions were illegal, but agencies are still waiting to get some of the money back.

Mass transit was not discussed in this morning’s speech. Here’s a link to Schwarzenegger’s prepared text on the Sacramento Bee website.

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