Looking for five-star transit? Riders review Metro on Yelp

Most savvy web users know Yelp as the place to go for local restaurant reviews from regular folks. In fact, this past November The Source used Yelp to compile a list of popular restaurants along the Gold Line Eastside extension and it worked out pretty well.

What many might not expect to find are reviews of transit services. But the social web is a surprising place and Yelp is no exception, with reviews of over 70 local transit services, lines and stations under the Public Transportation category.

All of Metro’s rail lines are reviewed and some fare better than others.

L.A.’s subway gets the most love, with 51 reviews and an overall four-star rating. Yelp reviewers seem to like the convenience, cleanliness and the very fact that it exists. Complaints? That it doesn’t run often enough or late enough, and that it doesn’t go to the Westside (one Yelp reviewer has gone ahead and done a pre-review of the Westside Extension).

The Gold Line comes in second with 45 reviews and a four-star rating. Yelpers seems to agree that the Gold Line is the cleanest line in the system, with one reviewer going so far as calling it “practically eat-off-the-floor clean.” And again, most reviewers wish that the line ran later.

Despite its high ridership, the Blue Line only has 38 reviews and gets a three-star rating. While most Yelp reviewers marvel at the Gold Line’s cleanliness, they are shocked by the Blue Line’s filth. The line gets high points for convenience and frequency of service. Almost every reviewer has amusing, and sometimes scary, stories of their experiences on the Blue Line.

The poor Green Line gets little love from Yelp, with only 5 reviewers giving it a two-star rating. Yelpers seem to wish it had better connections to LAX and the Westside.

There are also a fair number of rail stations reviewed.

Union Station stands out as the most popular, with 83 reviews and a four-star rating. Most reviewers praise the architecture and the connectivity of all the transit that serves the station. Confusing signage and dirty bathrooms are mentioned in the more negative reviews. Keep in mind Metro doesn’t own the Union Station complex, just the Red/Purple and Gold Line stations and bus bays.

Other stations reviewed include: 7th Street Metro Center (13 reviews, 4-stars), Highland Park (8 reviews, 4.5-stars)and Hollywood/Western (5 reviews, 4-stars).

Bus lines are also reviewed by Yelpers which is pretty amazing considering that buses are generally ignored in popular culture.

Rapid Lines 720/920 get some love (17 reviews, 4 stars) for their frequency, service hours, destinations, and affordability. Negative points go out for the bumpy ride and the slow trip through Beverly Hills.

Reviews can also be found for Rapid Line 704 (5 reviews, 4.5 stars) and the Orange Line (7 reviews, 3 stars).

How does the agency as whole fare?

Based on 61 reviews, Yelpers give Metro a solid three-star rating.

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