Transportation headlines, Thursday, Dec. 10

The Pasadena Star-News throws in its support for the Downtown Regional Connector project now that the Gold Line Foothill Extension is becoming a reality. The paper supports the idea proposed by Metro that each of the five subregions in L.A. county pay one-fifth of the start-up costs. It seems as if the idea of a seamless ride from deep in the San Gabriel Valley to the heart of Downtown (maybe with a stop at Disney Hall, please?) is an attractive idea to the paper. I can’t say I disagree.

Here’s an innovative idea out of Toronto to help promote transit ridership and boost downtown condo sales. The city recently passed a law that requires condos in central Toronto to give new buyers one year of free transit rides. In the future the city would like the to up the requirement to four years of free transit. Toronto officials say it doesn’t cost the condo builders anything because they can buy transit passes in bulk at a discount and write the expense off on their taxes. Plus, more people riding transit means less parking spaces, another high cost item of condo builders. Toronto is the first city in the world with such a law.

What goes around comes around. The Infrastructurist takes a look at the growing interest in streetcar lines across the United States. There are now more than 40 cities that are working on creating streetcar lines, Los Angeles is included amongst these cities. In the first half of the 20th century L.A. had over 1,100 miles of streetcar track.

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Sacramento Bee

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Rasmussen Reports

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More Sharrows Appear, This Time In Glendale
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The City Fix

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