Board searches for way to install gates quicker on Eastside Gold Line

On item 13 on today’s agenda, the Board of Directors asked Metro staff to further study if there’s a way to install four-quadrant crossing gates on the Eastside Gold Line without doing a full-blown environmental impact report and/or study.

Staff had recommended hiring a contractor to do the environmental work. The Board of Directors want to see if it’s possible to declare a “mitigated negative declaration” on the gating project — i.e. that the impact of the gates does not require environmental review.

If the project doesn’t require detailed review, the gates can be installed quicker. Board member and County Supervisor Gloria Molina was particularly vocal that she wants to see the gates at some Eastside intersections sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, the Board voted this past summer to spend $4.5 million on other safety enhancements, including two miles of fencing along the route to separate the train from the street.