Transportation headlines, Wednesday, Dec. 9

I started by daily graze of today’s transportation headlines with this story in the Argonaut: El Segundo, as we reported last month, is most unhappy with a light rail maintenance facility being proposed in the city as part of the Crenshaw Line. The city of Los Angeles doesn’t want it, either, so El Segundo is threatening to sue. El Segundo Mayor Kelly McDowell tells the newspaper:

“We’ve got two power plants, a giant sewage treatment plant, and we’re next door to an airport,” the El Segundo mayor asserted. “It’s time for government agencies and others to stop dumping these awful uses into the City of El Segundo. We have done our part.”

There’s just something about these maintenance facilities that must be inherently controversial. The proposed one for phase II of the Expo Line in Santa Monica caused a stink and there’s been a variety of issues trying to find a site in the San Gabriel Valley for the Foothill Extension of the Gold Line, although it appears that yard may land in Monrovia. In any event, the Metro Board of Directors is voting on Thursday on the preferred route for the Crenshaw Line and I suspect this will be part of the pre-vote conversation.

If you like to think about subways, go right away to the Designboom website to see some rather amazing pics of subway stations around the world, including a spectacular cave-like one in Stockholm.

The Huffington Post appears to be emphasizing transportation in its expanded coverage of the L.A. area. Downtown activist Brady Westwater has a piece on the HP today that contemplates the housing-transpo conundrum in L.A. “One of LA’s biggest problems is that jobs often aren’t where housing is, or housing isn’t where the schools are the best or the housing is too expensive for the workers in that area. There are too many housing choices and too many people,” Westwater writes. He also has an idea how to solve that problem — read the piece to find out.

The rest of today’s headlines, courtesy of the unstoppable force that is the Metro library, are after the jump.

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