Transportation news, Monday, Dec. 7

I started my grazing of today’s transpo headlines close to home: Pasadena is looking for ways to reduce traffic, according to the Star News. Traffic on several major streets is up, bus use is down and no one is sure what should be done next. Raise the price of parking to encourage people not to drive? Add bus service? Build a $100-million streetcar? Here’s my brilliant idea: improve the timing of traffic lights, which frequently seem to be completely out-of-whack.

There’s a good interview with Metro CEO Art Leahy in the Downtown News. Leahy tackles several issues, including the cost and benefits of the downtown connector, increasing residential density near transit stops and declining sales tax receipts. He also repeats his oft-told joke about taking transit to see USC beat UCLA in football whether it be at the Coliseum or Rose Bowl. The Source would like to remind Mr. Leahy that the worm always turns. See: Bearcats, University of Cincinnati.

Here’s an add to the list: a post at L.A. Streetsblog from last week on the service cuts being considered by Metrolink. Transit advocates review the numbers and say that some trains being cut still carry 80 to 125 people and many of those trains are carrrying people who have transfered from other lines to reach their final destination.

The rest of today’s headlines, courtesy the Metro library, are after the jump.
32 Rail Companies Commit To Expanding In U.S. Under High-Speed Rail Plan
DC StreetsBlog

As Promised, Sharrows Appear In Hermosa Beach
LA StreetsBlog

Broadway Streetscape Renderings Published
Blog Downtown

Bullet Train Here Years Ago (San Bernardino’s historic role in “high-speed” rail, ca. 1934)
Riverside Press-Enterprise

Cities Mull Joining Forces (proposed San Fernando Council of Governments)
Glendale News Press

City Pushing Related On Grand Avenue Project?
Curbed LA

Congress Considers New Jobs Package, And Highways Look Like The Big Winners
Transport Politic

Congress: Urgent Need For More Public Transit Investment; APTA: Any Jobs Bill Should Include Transit Projects
Passenger Transport

Crenshaw Corridor Transportation Debate Continues (video)
Intersections: The South Los Angeles Report

DASH Buses Downtown Operate With GPS

Europe Enforces New Rail Passenger Rights: If A Similar Law Existed In The United States, Amtrak Would Suffer
Transport Politic

For Metrolink, It’s A 6% Fare Hike Vs. Major Service Cuts
LA StreetsBlog

High Speed Rail On Track To Turn Into Next Big Flop
Manteca Bulletin

High-Speed Rail To Be A US Job-Growth Engine
U.S. DOT Fast Lane Blog

Is A StopLight With A Progress Bar A Good Idea?

L.A. Metro’s “Source” Takes Media Into Its Own Hands
Passenger Transport

Lawsuit Filed Over War Memorial At Downtown’s El Pueblo
Curbed LA

Local Governments Offer Data To Miners
New York Times

Pasadena Looks For Ways To Reduce Traffic, But Its Options Are Few
Pasadena Star-News

Pennies And Minutes With Art Leahy: Metro Chief Talks About Shaping The Future Of Los Angeles
Los Angeles Downtown News

Promoting The Car Phone, Despite Risks
New York Times

Senate Version of Wall Street Transportation Tax Coming Next Week
LA StreetsBlog

Take The (A) Train: Your Name Here On Metro
Huffington Post

Toolkit For Change: ICLEI’s New Urban Sustainability Framework

Toward Roads For People, Neighborhoods: The Dominos Start To Fall

Transit Advocates Question New NoHo To Northeast Valley Bus

Transit Advocates Will Push Lawmakers To Rethink Transit Funding Cuts
SF StreetsBlog

Transit Tip: Check Your DASH Sign For Stop Number
Blog Downtown

U.S. DOT Has $1.5 Billion For Livable Communities
New Urban News

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