Transportation headlines, Wednesday, Dec. 2

Jerard Wright over at CityWatch is optimistic that the Regional Connector can unify Los Angeles while preserving the Little Tokyo community that will be its hub. Little Tokyo is apprehensive about the project, fearing the construction and and new infrastructure will negate any progress the community has made in the past years. Jerard acknowledges the concerns, but feels that if the community and Metro continue work together to find solutions that work for both the community and the region, Los Angeles and Little Tokyo will both benefit from the Connector.

Ever since last year’s horrific crash that killed 25 people, Metrolink has been hyper aware of the need for safety. But according to the L.A. Times, last week a Metrolink engineer ran a red light signal and thankfully realized and stopped the train before a head-on collision was unavoidable. What’s more, it seems this is the fourth alleged red light running incident since the fatal incident last September. Metrolink officials are outraged and are digging deeper to find out why so many engineers are running red lights. This will be the first incident probe that takes advantage of surveillance footage from newly installed cameras that monitor engineers on the job. As an irregular Metrolink rider, I hope a solution is found because frankly it leaves me a little apprehensive about riding Metrolink – and I love riding Metrolink.

Here’s one for bus riders. The much maligned Transit TV now features local comedians, the Santa Monica Daily Press reports. For those of you who don’t know, Transit TV is the network of small televisions installed on buses that feature short “shows” of questionable quality interspersed with advertisements. Lately I’ve been noticing more local content on Transit TV (which is a good thing) and it seems as if they’ve tapped into the local comedy scene for a new show entitled Stand Up Comedy Day. I’ve yet to catch the show, and to be honest I’m not a big fan of stand up, but if it gets a local comic some exposure and some bus riders a few laughs, then I approve.

The rest of the headlines, compiled by the Metro Library, after the jump.

Airline Safety: The Next Generation Of Smart Planes
Christian Science Monitor

Another Red-Light Probe For Metrolink
Los Angeles Times

Bellflower Path For Cyclists, Walkers Opens
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Bringing LA Together: Little Tokyo

Broadway Improvement Plan Gets A Hearing: Plan To Transform Thoroughfare Would Take Four Years, Cost $30 Million
Los Angeles Downtown News

CalTrans Changes Signs On 110 North; Richard Ankrom’s Famed “5 North” Installation Feared Lost
Franklin Avenue

December Will Be A Big Month For HSR
California High Speed Rail Blog

Don’t Let The Reason Foundation Railroad California
California High Speed Rail Blog

Here’s Your Chance To Support Complete Streets In State Planning Guidelines
LA StreetsBlog

The Highway To Play A Vital Role in The Progress Of Civilization
(Disney’s animated 1958 film discussing “future” highway and automobile technology)
LA StreetsBlog

In New Orleans, LaHood Unveils $280M In Streetcar And Bus Grants
DC StreetsBlog

Intelligent Roads: Several Approaches To Keeping Streets Clearer
Financial Times

Job Cuts Loom As Stimulus Fades (Highway construction companies begin seeing business slow down)
Wall Street Journal

Laughter On The Go (Transit TV comedy)
Santa Monica Daily Press

Metrolink Engineer May Have Run Red Signal, Prompting New Concerns About Rail Safety
Los Angeles Times

Parking Cash-Outs: Better Than Free Parking
Way2Go Environmental Defense Fund

Ready, Steady, Go!: Countdown Stoplight Brings Fun To Traffic Control

Solar-Powered Sensor Controls Traffic
Electronics Design, Strategy, News

Stair Wars: Santa Monica Keeps Them Open, Echo Park Locks ‘Em Out
LA Curbed

Surface Transportation: Efforts To Address Highway Congestion Through Real-Time Traffic Information Systems Are Expanding But Face Implementation Challenges
(new report: 43p. PDF)
Government Accounting Office

Tired Of Being Dumped On, El Segundo Threatens To Sue
LA Curbed

Villaraigosa Announces Electric Car Infrastructure Plan
Los Angeles Times

What GOOD Ideas Do You Have?
(L.A. 2.0 event to identify five key urban strategies to improve the physical environment of Los Angeles)
LA StreetsBlog

Who Wants To Buy A New Locomotive? General Electric Hopes Amtrak Does
DC StreetsBlog

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