Metrolink responds to report of train failing to stop for red signal

The Los Angeles Times reported today that a Metrolink train failed to stop at a red signal last week on the San Bernardino line east of downtown, but that it stopped before reaching a stretch of tracks where there was an oncoming train.

Several members of the Metrolink Board of Directors were quoted in the story and the agency this afternoon released the following statement:

On Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2009, Metrolink train # 334 traveling east towards San Bernardino was involved in an incident at 8:30 p.m. approximately 2 miles east of Los Angeles. No injuries or damage to equipment were reported.

According to Federal railroad regulations, when any rules violation is alleged, a thorough investigation must take place in order to confirm that a violation may have occurred and provide the engineer and conductor the appropriate due process.  Metrolink Operations staff and Connex have already begun this process and both crewmembers are out of service pending completion of the investigation

Meanwhile, Metrolink has stepped up existing measures intended to reinforce the awareness and vigilance of Connex train crew members to further enhance the safety of its passengers, SCRRA employees and contractors.

Because this matter continues to be under investigation, Metrolink is not providing additional comment at this time.

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