Assembly committee to discuss transit at L.A. meeting

A quick heads up for those who want to see the gears of government in action: The Assembly’s transportation committee will be holding a pair of hearings in early December on the future of transit in the state. One meeting is in Sacramento, the other is Dec. 4 at 9:30 a.m. at Metro headquarters, adjacent to Union Station.

The California Transit Assn. website has the details. The hearings will apparently have a look-forward feel to them, which is probably a good thing. The CTA had to recently file a lawsuit against the state to try to recover funds that it said should be going to transit but were diverted elsewhere to balance the state budget — and it’s considering a ballot measure for next year to protect those dollars. The courts, by the way, have agreed with the CTA but it’s not clear if transit agencies such as Metro will recover the millions of dollars they say is owed to them.

The transportation committee is chaired by Assemblyman Mike Eng, who represents a part of the southern San Gabriel Valley.