Santa, a parade and bus detours

Whether you’re a Santa fan, a Susan Lucci devotee or you like Disney actors Kyle and Christopher Massey, the Hollywood Christmas Parade has a celeb for you this Sunday, Nov. 29, at 6 p.m. But do yourself a favor and don’t try to drive there. Hollywood Boulevard will be closed for the parade and traffic, as usual, is likely to be ugly in the area.

Smart money is on the Red Line subway to Hollywood/Highland Station or Hollywood/Vine — both along the parade route. There is some free parking available at both the North Hollywood station or paid parking is available in downtown ($6 at Union Station, for example). One tip: if you’re transferring to another rail line or bus, buy a $5 day pass in advance so you don’t have to stand in line at the subway station to get a ticket after the parade.

To help absorb all the extra riders, Metro will add more cars to the Red Line, which will be running on a Sunday schedule — but there won’t be extra trains. Or take the bus. Metro buses with access to the parade include lines 2, 210, 212 and 217. Here’s a link to Metro’s bus schedules.

Because of parade route street closures, nine bus lines will be rerouted in the Hollywood area: 2, 156, 180, 181, 210, 212, 217, 222 and 780.  Detours will begin around 2 p.m. on Sunday and last until the end of the parade.

So Go Metro, be patient and ask Santa for some rain.

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