Gold Line adjacent bike shop throws a sale in celebration of the Eastside Extension

Gold Line inspired flyer for Flying Pigeon LA sale.

Gold Line inspired flyer for Flying Pigeon LA sale.

Flying Pigeon LA is a local Highland Park bike shop (located two-blocks from the Heritage Square Gold Line station) run by two brothers who also happen to be car-free bicycle activists and Metro riders.

In honor the new Gold Line Eastside extension the brothers have decided to throw a sale to get rid of 2009 inventory and persuade new Gold Line riders to come check out their store. What’s unique about this sale is that to get the discounts (up to 20% off in some cases) customers have to show proof that they Go Metro by providing a Metro ticket, TAP card or monthly pass.

I love this idea – it seems like the perfect synergy of local business and activism that I wish other L.A. businesses would consider. It seems like a simple way to encourage alternative transportation use while also drumming up some sales.

If I wasn’t leaving town this weekend, I’d probably ride the Gold Line over to Flying Pigeon for my Black Friday shopping, but the good news is that the sale goes through the end of December – or until supplies run out.