How’s that Blue Line bus bridge working for you?

Metro Rapid buses wait for Blue Line passengers outside of 7th Street Metro Center.

A line of Metro Rapid buses wait for Blue Line passengers outside of the 7th Street Metro Center station. Photo: Fred Camino.

Regular Blue Line service was supposed to resume today after planned disruptions this weekend due to Expo Line construction. But the bus bridge continues this morning as work is being done tying Expo Line tracks into the Blue Line.

Metro provided buses to transport Blue Line passengers between the 7th Street Metro Center station and the Washington Station but warned of delays of up to 40 minutes. I was at 7th Street Metro Center on Saturday evening around 5:30 p.m. and noticed Metro staff placed around the station directing passengers to the bus bridge set up at the Hope Street entrance of the station.

The moment the train doors opened Red and Purple Line riders were greeted by staffers wearing bright yellow vests. Staffers informed those planning on transferring to the Blue Line to head upstairs to the Hope Street exit. Upstairs, more Metro staff were in place to further direct passengers. I counted five yellow vests on the way from the train to the Hope Street exit.

Outside the station a line of three articulated Metro Rapid buses were parked on Hope Street awaiting Blue Line passengers. Their headsigns read “600 SPECIAL”. Another Metro employee stood outside the bus to welcome the transferring passengers.

The whole affair was surprisingly well-organized and I didn’t notice any confusion or hear any complaints from passengers.

Blue Line riders: was what I observed a fluke? How was your experience with the bus bridge this weekend? Did you feel it was orderly or was it a mess? How long were the delays? What could Metro have done better to improve the experience? Email us at

We should have had a post on the Source early this morning about the bridge continuing, but we failed to do so. Our apologies.

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