Cell phone thieves use new Gold Line

You may have heard the story by now, as it’s predictably making the rounds of the local media: a couple of guys nabbed a cell phone off a restaurant table in Little Tokyo on Monday evening and apparently used the new Eastside Gold Line as their getaway vehicle. Monday, of course, was the Eastside Gold Line’s first day of regular service.

Fair enough — can’t blame the media for having fun with that one. That said, it’s also worth emphasizing that the alleged theft of the cell phone DID NOT happen on the train or Metro property. Many, but not all, of the train platforms and the trains themselves are frequently patrolled by sheriff’s deputies. The stations are also very well lit and very visible to the surrounding streets and sidewalk.

As for the thieves, I hope they remembered to pay their $1.25 fare or purchased a $5 day pass if planning to transfer to another line at Union Station. If not, they can send their money to us at Metro headquarters. Please include your name, SSN#, phone number (your phone, not the stolen one) and an address where we can find you if, uh, necessary. If you already have an assigned probation officer, his or her name and contact information would be appreciated as well.

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