Transportation headlines, Friday, November 13th

Don’t think that just because it’s Friday the 13th the Metro Library decided to take the day off. They don’t sleep and they’re not superstitious.

Here are my “must read” headlines for today:

InTransition magazine has a fascinating and informative article on the paradox of transit funding in the United States and the effect of the economic downturn on transit budgets. Transit ridership is up everywhere across the country but agencies are more cash strapped than ever, issuing service cuts and fare increases on their growing customer base. The article provides a solid background in how transit funding works, what agencies are doing to deal with deficits, what the Federal government is (or isn’t) doing to help, and what the future holds. You must read this article.

In the north east, long distance buses are growing popularity and becoming more plush. Time magazine reports that the dingy Greyhound bus has been replaced by sleek eco-friendly coaches offering wi-fi, power outlets, and movie screenings. Megabus, who left the Los Angeles area in the summer of 2008 because of poor ridership, has seen a 60% increase in sales in the north east region. Maybe it’s time to give L.A. another try? Please?

Eastern Group Publications is posting a series of stories about the long and often tumultuous history of the Gold Line Eastside Extension.  The latest article follows the physical layout of the line and the insights it offers into the East L.A. community.

The rest of the headlines following the jump.

Antonovich Provides Funding For Local Trail Improvements
Pasadena Star-News

Bicycle Production As Green Economy Indicator
Carfree USA Blog

Bus Routes Slashed In Budget Crunch
Orange County Register

DOT Bike Commuters Leading By Example
Welcome To The Fast Lane

Eastside Extension To Open With Free Rides: Rail Line Linking East Los Angeles With Downtown And Pasadena Makes Its Debut Sunday
Los Angeles Wave

Eating Along The Gold Line Eastside Extension: What Didn’t We Include?
Los Angeles Times

End Of The American Exurbs And The Death Of Sprawl?
The City Fix

Experts: Downtown L.A. Renaissance Not Over
Globe St.

Gold Line Extension Ready For Service In East Los Angeles
Transport Politic

The Gold Line Opens Sunday: The 6-Mile Light-Rail Extension, Which Costs $898 Million, Will Open Sunday With Free Rides And Entertainment
Los Angeles Times

Las Vegas And the 21st-Century Strip: Different By Design – From Desert Disneyland To Paris In The Mojave

Mass Transit’s Reversal Of Fortune: Even As Ridership Surges, Economic Crisis Ravages Agencies’ Budgets
Intransition: Transportation Planning, Practice & Progress

Metro Recommends Light Rail Station For Crenshaw Corridor

More Bikes On City Streets: Santa Barbarans Are Shifting Gears
Santa Barbara Independent

Pimp My Bus Ride

Riverside County Transportation Commission Studying Coachella Valley Rail
Palm Springs Desert Sun

Rough Road To Gold: Part 3 – A Window Into The Community
EGP News

Sales-Tax Hike To Pay For Long Beach Infrastructure
Whittier Daily News

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Proceeds With Bay Area’s First Bike Share Pilot Program
SF StreetsBlog

SCAG And City Of Los Angeles Thinking About Solutions To The Last Mile Problem
LA StreetsBlog

Schwarzenegger Quietly Quashed Effort To Improve Commuter Rail: The Governor Ordered Officials To Seek Federal Money Only For The Proposed Bullet Train Between San Francisco And San Diego — Rail Advocates Say The Commute Line Upgrades Should Take Priority
Los Angeles Times

Senate To Take Up Mysterious ‘Jobs Bill’ – Is Infrastructure In The Mix?
DC StreetsBlog

Streetfilms: Bill Lind, A Conservative Voice For Transit
DC StreetsBlog

Transportation Advocates Present Their Vision At The 7th And Fig Art Center
LA StreetsBlog

Which Is The Fastest-Rising U.S. Emissions Source: Transport Or Electricity?
LA StreetsBlog

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