[video] Train Ride: The Surprise at Soto Station

Something big was happening on Friday morning at Union Station. Los Angeles  Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa could hardly put even one foot on the Gold Line platform before he was surrounded by shoulder-to-shoulder news crews. He was this close to where he needed to go if he was to catch the first official train ride to East Los Angeles. Awaiting his arrival at the east end of the platform was an entourage of city and county officials,  local heroes and community champions, staffers, and rail safety guys outfitted in neon-glow vests. All eager to board the train. But the sea of cameras and microphones parted when the gleaming train arrived and all boarded safely. As the train rolled by familiar places, they suddenly seemed so fresh, so special. And when the train burrowed into the tunnel, the passengers cheered. They cheered! Were they unaware of what awaited them on the other side, when they climbed back into the sky above?  How were they to know about the egg at Soto Station. How were they to know what awaited them on the other side?

See for yourself!

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