U2 fans: how was Metro’s late-night service for the big show?

U2Metro extended rail and busway service early Monday morning to accommodate fans heading home from U2’s sold out show at the Rose Bowl on Sunday night.

I didn’t take the train. I live in Pasadena and jumped on a shuttle bus from Pasadena City College. The bus to the show was fast and convenient; the line for the bus after the concert was mayhem. The concert ended a little past 11 p.m. and I arrived back home (and home is near City College) about 1 a.m. Ugh!

So here’s my question: For those of you who took the Gold Line and other Metro rail lines (and the Orange Line busway), how did that work for you? And how were the lines after the show?

Please email us at thesource@metro.net

The show was great, by the way, and I thought “Ultraviolet” was a perfect addition to the encores. It was also nice to hear a lot of the new material and a wide range of cuts from “All That You Can’t Leave Behind.” I was slightly disappointed the band didn’t play anything from “Pop,” an album that I thought never got its due. The accompanying photo doesn’t really do justice to the stage, but that was the view from section 10H, row 55.

photo: Steve Hymon

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