State officials also want federal funding program expanded

With the Metro Board meeting now underway, I wanted to give people a heads up that eight state officials have also asked the Metro Board of Directors to expand their federal funding request for mass transit projects. Fourteen members of Congress did the same on Tuesday.

The Metro Board last month voted to ask for federal funding for the Westside Extension subway and the downtown regional connector. The state officials and members of Congress are hopeful that the Board will include other projects in that request as part of adopting a long-range plan.

Metro CEO Art Leahy referenced the request in his daily update emailed to Metro staff yesterday. Here’s that item along with a link to the letter:

Los Angeles County’s State Legislative Delegation Sends Letter to Metro’s Board of Directors

Members of Los Angeles County’s State Legislative Delegation sent the attached letter to the Board of Directors today. I welcome the opportunity to work with our State Legislative Delegation and look forward to our continued partnership.