Go Metro mobile app for iPhone and Android – update available


Metro is always listening, and thanks to the growing number of users of our Go Metro app and their valuable feedback, we’ve recently released an updated version of our mobile application for both Android and iPhone/iPad users.

The latest update comes packed with a few new features, bug fixes and is synced to the latest bus/rail schedule shakeup. More details on the updates below. If this is the first you’re hearing of our Go Metro app, download is both easy and free. Click here to find out more about the app.

The latest update includes the following changes/fixes:

  • Fixed notifications for iPhone/iPad users: users can now receive pushed notifications to their devices such as system service alerts.
  • Fixed map zooming on Android devices: users were unable to zoom out while viewing a downloaded map.
  • Fixed map update issue (iOS and Android): users will now be notified when a select map has been updated, and will be given the option to download the new version.
Users will now be updated whenever a line's map has been updated, and will have the option to download the newer version.

Users will now be updated whenever a line’s map has been updated, and will have the option to download the newer version.

  • Numbers are now assigned to the list of alert items to help users determine the number of new alerts.
  • 511 traffic information has been added to the list of alert items – this provides users with live traffic reports, road conditions, and motorist aid.

New 511 Traffic Information and the ability to now see how many new alerts have been posted.

Go Metro mobile app update and a few tips

A round-up of notes on Metro's mobile app – Go Metro Los Angeles. What? You didn't know Metro had a mobile app, go get it — it's FREE!

iPhone software update screen

iPhone software update screen

1. A new version is available for download for iPhones, iPads and Androids. If you already have the app, you should have received an update notice on your respective devices. Customers pointed out the last update had a strange error of displaying arrival times out of order. Metro mobile developers tracked down the bug and quickly fixed it — however, submitting changes to the App Store and waiting for approval is another story. We appreciate all the feedback coming in via the app, emails, Twitter and Facebook.

2. Metro's mobile app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times by mobile users. Last checked — just over 55,000+ downloads for Android devices and 57,000+ downloads for iPhone devices. If you currently have the app, I'd love to hear from you — what do you like and hate about the app? What would you like to see in the future?

3. There are no current plans to build a Windows or Blackberry version. Sorry Windows and BB users — this is not out of preference, but rather budget and resources. Our online metrics indicate both Windows and BB customers make up less than three percent of online usage. BTW: as of last month (Dec 2012), over 50 percent of all web traffic visiting metro.net is coming from a mobile device — almost equally split between Android and iOS.

Fret not, there are alternatives for Windows and Blackberry users — have you tried Metro's mobile website, m.metro.net?

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Metro iPhone app removed from App Store in anticipation of new (improved) app


Oops! But a better app is on its way.

A number of readers have contacted us regarding the recent disappearance of the Go Metro iPhone app from the iTunes App Store.

Indeed the app is no longer available – Metro removed it because a new and improved official app is on the way. The new app is scheduled for release in October/November and will address many of the issues users complained about in the original. Additionally, the app will be multi-platform – available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

A few key features of the new app include:

  • Closest stations/stops based on GPS location
  • Real time bus arrivals
  • Scheduled info offline (does not need wifi)
  • Maps offline (does not need wifi)
  • Service Alert notification
  • Favorite a map, line, stop/station, trip itinerary

Stay tuned for a sneak preview and screen shots of the new app. In the meantime head over to Metro’s Mobile Resources page and download one of the award winning apps from the Developer Challenge or test out any of the other third party apps.