Metro Board approves renaming of three Metro Rail stations

Metro’s Board of Directors approved the name changes of three Metro Rail subway stations during the Thursday, Jan. 24 Board Meeting.

The Metro Red Line Civic Center Station will now be the “Civic Center/Grand Park/Tom Bradley Station” in honor of the recently opened Grand Park, which is served by this station, and the former City of Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley.

The Metro Red Line Universal City Station will now be known as “Universal City/Studio City Station” to reflect the station’s location in Studio City. Metro Bus lines 150, 155, 224, 240 and Metro Rapid 750 connect this station with the rest of Studio City and San Fernando Valley.

The Metro Purple Line Wilshire/Western Station will now be known as the “Wilshire/Western/Alfred Hoyun Song Station” in honor of Alfred Hoyun Song, former Mayor of Monterey Park and the first Asian American legislator elected to the California State Assembly in 1962. He was also the first Korean American to be elected to the California State Senate, where he distinguished himself as chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Transportation headlines, Wednesday, September 14

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the library’s blog.

How the heck did we let this happen? Cleveland, then and now (NRDC Switchboard)

Check out this amazing “before and after” photo set that illustrates the damage that building for cars can do to a downtown district. Buildings one day, parking lots today.

Union Square portal to subway designed to blend in (SF Gate)

Here’s an interesting look into what goes into the process of designing a transit station. In this case, the challenge was threading a major station portal into a very busy public space without upsetting the prevailing feng shui — so to speak. I think the important point to take away is that every neighborhood is different, and so stations should be designed, where possible, in a manner that supports the existing community’s vision. San Francisco seems to have struck the right balance in this case.

Metro to consider station/facility name changes (Plus Metro Blog)

Blogger Jung Gatoona has a keen eye. He noticed an item on the Metro Board Executive Management Committee agenda that proposes a number of name changes to Metro Rail stations. Check out his blog to see which ones are being considered. For the record, any changes would require a two-thirds vote by the full Metro Board of Directors.

New York City chooses Alta for wide-ranging bike share (Transportation Nation)

Didn’t think public transportation could get any better in New York? The city’s Department of Transportation has pegged bike-share firm Alta to create a system for the city that would include 10,000 bikes at 600 stations spread from the “Upper West Side to Crown Heights, Brooklyn,” reports Andrea Bernstein. Alta is the company behind the successful programs in Washington D.C., Boston and Melbourne, Australia.