Draft study for Westside Subway Extension released; among the details — it would be a 25-minute ride from Union Station to Westwood

Let’s start with this fun fact: When the Westside Subway Extension is built, it will take 25 minutes to travel from Los Angeles Union Station to the Westwood/UCLA station — 13 minutes on the existing Purple Line to Wilshire and … Continue reading

Not everyone is in love with the idea of a VA Hospital station for Westside Subway Extension

As for our latest subway poll, we’ve received many comments, which have come in through the poll page, email and via the Westside Subway Extension Facebook page. Some don’t like the poll itself, others definitely aren’t thrilled with the idea … Continue reading

The future of Metro rail

We’ve spent plenty of time looking back, with this past Wednesday being the 20th anniversary of the Blue Line and the birth of Metro Rail. I wanted to look forward today and provide a quick update where future Metro Rail … Continue reading