ArtNight Pasadena returns this Friday with s.w.a.g for Metro riders

Visitors pose with Picasso's portrait of Marie Therese at the Norton Simon Museum, one of many Pasadena museums, galleries, and cultural institutions open late on ArtNight. Image by Glenn Zucman via Flickr/CC

Visitors pose with Picasso’s portrait of Marie Therese at the Norton Simon Museum, one of many Pasadena arts and cultural institutions open late on ArtNight. Image by Glenn Zucman via Flickr/CC.

This Friday, October 10, more than 20 of Pasadena’s arts and cultural institutions will stay open late for ArtNight Pasadena, an evening of free exhibits, music, and entertainment that happens only twice a year!

This time around, we can’t wait to see the USC Pacific Asia Museum’s collection of modern Chinese art, the Armory Center’s exhibit on “wrong” points of view, the fourth biennial of San Gabriel Valley scenes at the Pasadena Museum of History, and much more. For a full list of participating ArtNight venues, click here.

Besides being fun and free, ArtNight Pasadena is totally transit accessible. Take the Metro Gold Line to Memorial Park Station or one of Metro’s many Rapid and Local buses serving Old Pasadena. There’s also Pasadena ARTS Route 10, which runs along Colorado Boulevard and Green Street until 10 p.m. Free ArtNight shuttles will loop throughout the evening with stops at each venue, so driving and parking won’t be necessary at all!

Plus, ArtNight Pasadena is a Destination Discount, which means those who present their valid TAP cards will receive cool art freebies/deals at:

  • Armory Center for the Arts - free catalogue for “The Fifth Wall” exhibition
  • Light Bringer Project – free Doo Dah Parade T-Shirt in available sizes
  • MUSE/IQUE - free Muse/Ique T-shirt
  • Offramp Gallery - free Offramp book bag
  • Pasadena Museum of California Art – Save 25% on a PMCA membership or a Mark Ryden Wondertoonel exhibition poster

So: lovers of art, Pasadena, and free things, go enjoy ArtNight Pasadena! And if you’re planning on arriving via our buses or trains–thanks for going Metro.

Transportation headlines, Oct. 8: L.A. ranks 3rd on jobs near transit, study says

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University of Minnesota ranks accessibility to jobs by transit in the U.S. (news release)


The study finds that Los Angeles ranks third behind New York and San Francisco when it comes to the number of jobs near transit, according to the study that crunched the numbers on 46 of the 50 largest metro areas in the U.S. That puts the L.A. area ahead of some older and more established transit cities such as Chicago, Washington, Boston and Philly. The list:

Top 10 metro areas: job accessibility by transit (January 2014)

  1. New York
  2. San Francisco
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Washington
  5. Chicago
  6. Boston
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Seattle
  9. Denver
  10. San Jose


I don’t think the above map is exactly shocking news to those who live here and know our area — but the map still makes a pretty visual argument for better connecting transit to downtown Los Angeles and the Westside. The map also suggests that the Measure R-funded transit projects that Metro is building or plans to build are serving a real purpose. The short list:

•The Purple Line Extension will directly connect downtown Los Angeles to Westwood via the Wilshire Corridor with a short detour to Century City. The project also provides a direct link between our region’s largest transit hub — Los Angeles Union Station — and the Westside.

•The Expo Line’s second phase connects Santa Monica, West L.A. and downtown L.A. via Culver City, the northern part of South L.A. and Exposition Park.

•The Regional Connector will link the Gold Line, Blue Line and Expo Line in downtown L.A. and allow easier and faster access to and through downtown L.A. for riders on all three lines.

•The Gold Line Foothill Extension extends the Gold Line to the Azusa/Glendora border, making for easier and faster access to jobs in the Pasadena area, downtown L.A. and beyond (i.e. the Westside). Meanwhile, the second phase of the Eastside Gold Line is being studied and would connect either South El Monte or Whittier to downtown L.A. via this project and the Regional Connector.

•The Crenshaw/LAX Line will serve a north-south corridor starting at the Green Line’s Redondo Beach Station and extending north to the Expo Line, including the job-rich area around the airport. The Expo Line, in turn, offers east-west access to jobs. The map also suggests that extending the Crenshaw/LAX Line north — a project in Metro’s long-range plan but unfunded at this time — would connect people to more jobs to the east and west via the Purple Line. A South Bay Green Line Extension, a project also to be funded by Measure R, could extend the Crenshaw/LAX Line and Green Line deeper into the South Bay.

•The map also suggests that connecting the San Fernando Valley to the Westside via the Sepulveda Pass Transit Corridor makes sense and that the area along Van Nuys Boulevard — to be served by the East San Fernando Transit Corridor — is also a wise proposition in the short-term. The Sepulveda Pass Transit Corridor is a long-term project not scheduled for completion until the 2030s unless funding is found to build and accelerate it, but the project could eventually connect to the bus rapid transit or light rail built as part of the East San Fernando Valley Transit project along Van Nuys Boulevard.

•The map also shows that the Warner Center area is one of the more job rich areas in the Valley, thereby suggesting that it makes sense for Metro to pursue improvements to the Orange Line. See this recent Source post for more about that.

Here is the page about Los Angeles in the University of Minnesota study:

Los Angeles

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Metro begins excavation of three underground stations for Crenshaw/LAX Line

Drilling near the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard & Exposition Boulevard. Photo by Metro.

Drilling near the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard & Exposition Boulevard. Photo by Metro.

The 8.5-mile Crenshaw/LAX light rail project currently under construction will have three underground stations: Crenshaw/Exposition, Crenshaw/MLK and Crenshaw/Vernon. Excavation and decking for the stations is set to begin in November.

Construction of the three stations and the 1.9-mile twin tunnels will take four years of intense and complex labor. In November 2014, Metro’s contractor Walsh Shea Corridor Contractors (WSCC) will begin to excavate the first underground station at Crenshaw/Exposition.

Work is expected to begin the first week of November and will continue until Nov. 24. The contractor will not work during the Thanksgiving holiday and will resume work on Dec. 1 through Dec. 14. If it is necessary, the contractor may continue with more work in January, 2015.

For now, Crenshaw Boulevard between Exposition Boulevard and Rodeo Place is experiencing closures from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. to finish the storm drain, protect utilities, and to place steel piles in order to finish the underground perimeter wall before major excavation begins.

There will, however, be a full 14-day closure in order for the four perimeter walls to be constructed. This closure will be on Rodeo Road at the intersection with Crenshaw Boulevard. The closure will begin at 9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 24, and run through Friday, Nov. 7. It will take approximately two weeks to complete the perimeter walls in this segment.  Work will be conducted around-the-clock. This will then be followed by major excavation.


The work for this underground station is taking place on the west side of Crenshaw Boulevard between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Stocker Street, where the contractor continues prep work before cutting mix soil and steel piling process begins.


Traffic reconfiguration and setting up K-rail has taken place already and piling installation is expected to soon begin.

Need assistance? Try the Metro customer service center at Wilshire/Vermont Station

Photos: Anna Chen/Metro

In late June 2014, the Wilshire/La Brea Customer Service Center relocated to Wilshire/Vermont due to forthcoming Purple Line Extension construction. Since the July 1 of the Wilshire/Vermont Customer Service Center opening, Metro staff has assisted approximately 16,000 people.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Metro customer service centers offer a variety of services to Metro riders. You can get timetables, plan your trip, provide feedback and purchase TAP cards–which you’ll need in order to take advantage of the free 2-hour transfers. It’s also the place to submit applications for reduced fare TAP cards, such as Senior or Student TAP cards.

The Wilshire/Vermont Customer Service Center is located at 3183 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 174, just around the corner from the Red and Purple Line Wilshire/Vermont Station entrance. It’s also served by numerous Metro and municipal buses that stop at the plaza. The service center is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To see the locations of other Metro customer service centers, click here.

Odd Market has been moved to November 6

Author’s Note: Event has been postponed to November 6, and we will update with time and venue information once it is available. Thank you.

Why You Share the Ride: biking and bus riding for an express commute

During Rideshare Week, we’ll be featuring stories submitted by real commuters talking about why they share the ride. Join the conversation and let us know why you share the ride! Tweet us @metrolosangeles using the hashtag #RideshareLA. And don’t forget to pledge online for a chance to win some awesome prizes.

The following rideshare story comes to us from Tony Gaimari, who commutes from Culver City to downtown Los Angeles.

Tony_Gaimari (2)“I live in Culver City and began working in downtown L.A. three years ago. My employer provides a $125 monthly stipend to be put towards parking or transit costs. I discovered the Commuter Express shortly after taking the job and bought monthly passes for the first year. Nice buses and pleasant drivers make it an easy way to get back and forth from Culver City to DTLA.

When summer arrived, I decided to try using my bike to get home, allowing me to cut down to the 20-ticket books for the Commuter Express and get some exercise. I was concerned about riding in because there is no shower facility in my office.

For the last two years, however, I have been biking in both directions. I am lucky enough to have the Ballona Creek Bike Path for the first 3 miles of my 11.7-mile ride, then I take the Jefferson/Exposition bike lanes following the Metro Expo Line. A short street jog through the USC area to Grand Avenue and I’m back in bike lanes from 30th Street almost all the way to my office at 5th Street.

I have found that as long as I put on clean clothes after a shower in the morning, a quick “G.I. shower” with baby wipes and towel in the men’s room followed by deodorant and talc is sufficient hygiene for someone who shares an office.

I keep my TAP card loaded in case I decide to jump on the Expo Line, and I still have a TAP card for the Commuter Express which I reload every few months for my “lazy Friday afternoon” home trip. But I love that every time I ride, I’m putting money in my pocket and keeping inches off my waist line!

Keep up the good work encouraging and facilitating ways to get around without a car, and keep adding more bike lanes.”


Construction Notice: Overland Avenue weekend closures between National and Pico Boulevards


expo notice expo notice map

Here’s the construction notice from the Expo Line Construction Authority, the agency building the six-mile project that will extend tracks from Culver City to downtown Santa Monica with seven new stations. Full weekend closures of Overland Avenue will be taking place for roadway improvements as part of the Expo Line project.

The project is funded mostly by Measure R, the half-cent sales tax increase approved by Los Angeles County voters in 2008. It is currently forecast to open in early 2016.