Your mobility options are endless

Our brains are extremely sensitive to the surrounding environment. In a high-functioning city such as Los Angeles, the built environment should be enriched so that we can all exercise our brains and contribute to the well-being of ourselves, our families and neighbors. The monotony of the drive-alone commute is tedious at best and more [continue reading]

How We Roll, Tuesday, August 11

Have a transportation-related article you think should be included in headlines? Drop me an email! And don’t forget, Metro is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Before we get started with the transportation stuff… Watts: 50 years later (LA Magazine)  Erin Aubry Kaplan and photographer Joaquin Trujillo look at Watts on the 50th anniversary of the [continue reading]

How We Roll, Monday, August 10; CicLAvia edition & more

First @BikeMetro #BikeShare at #CicLAvia today. Next #bikemetrodesigncontest to wrap the bikes in LA designed art! — figureagency (@figureagency) August 9, 2015 The Avenue 🌹 #ciclavia — Jim Chelius (@JimChelius) August 10, 2015 Video: Our friend Jack Weiss is at it again, with a great video from ciclavia incuding [continue reading]


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