San Fernando Valley's big anniversary: Passenger rail service from LA to Van Nuys began 100 years ago

Transit users in the San Fernando Valley probably didn’t notice anything different last Friday when the second century of public transportation in the area got underway. December 16, 1911, was the first day of rail service from Los Angeles to Van Nuys, a development which quickly transformed the Valley from outlying area to commutable [continue reading]

More sign language

Metro and Caltrans also are investigating the possibility that real-time Metro Rail travel info could be displayed on electronic highway signs, as Metrolink announced yesterday. By offering real-time travel comparisons between a particular freeway and, say, the Blue Line, the signs would let commuters know when it would be faster [continue reading]

The art of transit

photo by Martin Fisch, via Flickr creative commons Nice bit of night photography in this scene of pedestrians in Dresden, Germany, taken in 2008 with a Fujifilm FinePix F30. The shutter was kept open for a full second to help capture the detail and the movement of the vehicle. To [continue reading]


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