Memo on recent earthquakes in Beverly Hills near subway route

Here is a memo sent yesterday to the Metro Board of Directors from the team planning and designing the Westside Subway Extension on the pair of small but noticeable earthquakes that occurred near Wilshire Boulevard and just east of downtown Beverly Hills earlier this month:

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Transportation headlines, Friday, September 14

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the Library’s Headlines blog, which you can also access via email subscription or RSS feed.

HNTB's proposal for the new viaduct. Courtesy HNTB.

Visions for the 6th Street Bridge (The Architect's Newspaper)

Check out the renderings for the three finalists competing to design a new 6th Street Bridge in downtown Los Angeles. Memo to city of Los Angeles webmeisters/flacks: unless I was looking in all the wrong places, I couldn't find the renderings on the city's website. I think all three proposals are pretty neat-o and this is a good chance for the city to make a nice architectural statement in a part of town that needs something (actually anything) to spruce it up.

For the sake of comparison, below is the Sundial Bridge that opened in 2004 in Redding. It spans the Sacramento River.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

BHUSD Board opposes Measure J (Beverly Hills Patch)

The surprise isn't that the Board opposed it — it's that it wasn't unanimous. Two Board Members — Jake Manaster and Noah Margo — abstained, saying it wasn't appropriate for the Board to take a position on a ballot measure. Measure J is a 30-year extension of the Measure R sales tax and seeks to accelerate the construction of transit and road projects, including the Westside Subway Extension. It will go to L.A. County voters on Nov. 6 if Gov. Brown signs a bill, AB 1446, in the next few weeks.

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Metro responds to today's protests

The Bus Riders Union and other groups held a protest march Thursday in Los Angeles and made several statements about Metro to the media and others. In the spirit of setting the record straight, here are a few facts about Metro:

•1,222 affordable housing units are either planned, being built or have been completed in transit oriented developments in which Metro is a partner. That number includes the 172 affordable units that just opened this past spring in a development over the Red/Purple Line subway station in the Westlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, adjacent to MacArthur Park.

•Metro has never partnered with Walmart in any kind of development.

•Housing units lost to construction of the Eastside Gold Line Extension and for a planned subway station never built in Boyle Heights have since been replaced and there will be 52 affordable units in transit oriented development at First and Lorena streets. That project is expected to commence construction in a year.

•Metro has no plans to kill its rail program. Los Angeles County voters in 1980, 1990 and 2008 approved half-penny sales tax increases to help pay for the expansion of transit, including rail projects. In 2008, nearly 68 percent of voters approved Measure R, which will help pay for bus and rail projects, bus operations, highway projects, as well as return 15 percent of the taxes collected to cities in Los Angeles County for smaller transportation improvements.

Go Metro to live music: The Book of Mormon

“Hello!” the opening number from The Book of Mormon.

Avoid the Hollywood parking hassle and Go Metro to the Tony Award-winning musical The Book of Mormon at The Pantages Theatre now through November 25! It just makes sense: The Pantages is located directly across the street from the Hollywood / Vine Red Line Station.

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Epic bus commercial leaves all other bus commercials in the dust

Danish transportation agency Midttrafik‘s newest bus commercial takes public transportation to the next level of cool. English subtitles are available, but certainly not necessary.

El Monte Station nearing completion

The new two-level El Monte station is set to open in October. Here are three photos taken earlier this week of work on the project:

A new set of escalators at the station.

Cleaning being done on the new transit building.

The new tactile dome panels on the ground-level bus bays.


Information on Measure J posted to Metro website

A web page for Measure J can now be found on the Metro website.

Measure J is a ballot measure that seeks to extend the half-cent Measure R sales tax for 30 years beyond its mid-2039 expiration date in order to accelerate some Measure R transit and road projects.

It will be on the Nov. 6 ballot in Los Angeles County if Gov. Jerry Brown signs a state bill, AB 1446, that would allow the issue to go to voters. The ballot measure will need two-thirds approval from voters to pass.