20-minute delay on Green Line between Long Beach and Lakewood stations

Green Line service is interrupted between Long Beach and Lakewood stations due to power loss on both tracks. Expect 20-minute delay.

Bus bridge is now in effect shuttling Metro patrons between Long Beach and Lakewood Stations. Shuttle buses are operating every 10 minutes.

Service is likely to be completely restored within the hour.

Delays in service expected on Blue Line next three weekends

Blue Line passengers be warned: due to Expo Line light rail construction, there are likely going to be delays in Blue Line service of up to 30 minutes over each of the next three weekends. In other words, it’s going to take up to 30 minutes longer for trains to travel between Metro Center in Los Angeles and Long Beach.

The Expo Line and Blue Line will join together at the intersection of Washington and Flower and then share the same tracks until the terminus of both lines at Metro Center (at 7th and Figueroa/Flower). Work started last year to begin the process of merging the tracks at Washington and Flower, but it’s a complicated process and there’s more to be done.

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Board meeting notes

Here are three of the noteworthy actions taken by the Metro Board of Directors at their meeting Thursday:

*A contract worth up to $30.45 million was approved with 21 local tow truck companies to provide Freeway Service Patrols. Item 60 on the agenda.

*The Board decided to restart the process to hire contract lobbyists to work for Metro in Washington D.C. Metro officials said it’s important to have as many voices in the nation’s capitol as possible as the agency pushes for federal funds for a number of projects. Item 69 on the agenda.

*Although mildly contentious, the Board voted 7 to 1 with one abstention to approve a contract worth up to $11.5 million to hire a private firm named InfraConsult to develop models for how public-private partnerships may work for six projects. Item 73 on the agenda. Continue reading

East L.A. to Pasadena service on the Gold Line continues but with a 20-minute delay

Service on the Gold Line continues with a 20-minute delay as a traction and power crew works to repair damage to the catenary system just north of the Highland Park station. Trains are running on a single-track between Southwest Museum station in Mt. Washington and Mission station in South Pasadena to bypass the work site at the Arroyo Verde road crossing. Service was disrupted at approx. 4 a.m. Friday morning when a large oak tree uprooted from the rain-saturated ground and fell on the tracks, downing some overhead catenary wires in the process. Work crews have removed the tree and are now repairing damage to the poles that support the catenary wire system that powers the trains. Tracks and power lines were not damaged in the incident.

Through-service to all Gold Line stations was restored by 1 p.m. on Friday. Until normal service is resumed, northbound and southbound trains will depart from all Gold Line stations at 20-minute intervals. Service will include three-car trains to accommodate passengers.

Repairs to the overhead support structure are expected to continue throughout the weekend.

Updates to follow.

Work on I-405 Sepulveda Pass Widening Project Cancelled Again This Weekend

Due to ongoing rains, night-time construction activity, including full freeway segment closures scheduled for this weekend has been cancelled.  Surface conditions will be too wet for restriping work.

The contractor will likely proceed with work on the evening of Monday, January 25 from the I-10 Freeway to Santa Monica Blvd.

But check ongoing project updates http://www.metro.net/I-405.

Gold Line repairs underway -Limited service running between Mission and Sierra Madre stations

Two trains are operating between the Sierra Madre station in eastern Pasadena and the Mission station in South Pasadena. Five trains are operating north and south between Southwest Museum and Atlantic stations.  Service out of Sierra Madre will operate every 20 minutes. Service out of the Atlantic will operate every 10 minutes.

Bus service continues to transport passengers between Mission Station and Southwest Museum Station.

At approximately 4 a.m., a tree fell on the overhead power lines of the Gold Line at the Arroyo Verde road crossing just north of the Highland Park Station, blocking both tracks and damaging overhead catenary wires.  Repair crews are on the scene and hope to clear the southbound track to enable the single tracking of trains around the location as soon as possible.

Metro Gold Line down north of Southwest Museum Station – Bus service in operation

At approximately 4 a.m., a tree fell on the overhead power lines of the Metro Gold Line at the Arroyo Verde road crossing. The tree is blocking both train tracks. Repair crews are on scene and hope to clear track 2 to enable single tracking around the location when possible. However, at this time, an extended interruption to rail service north of the Southwest Museum Station is anticipated.

Bus service is now in operation to transport all passengers north of the Southwest Museum Station. There is no Gold Line service between Southwest Museum Station and Sierra Madre stations.

Updates to follow.

Minor accident today on Eastside Gold Line

A Gold Line train and truck collided on the Eastside this morning at 10:23 a.m.  at 3rd Street and Downey Road. Both the train and the truck were headed eastbound when the truck apparently made a u-turn in front of the train, according to Metro officials.

There were an estimated 18 to 20 people on the train and no reported injuries to passengers or the train operator; nor was the driver of the truck hurt. The train suffered slight damage to its front.

The train was released from the scene at 11:35 a.m. and there may be short delays to service along the line. This is believed to be only the second accident along the new Eastside Extension since testing of trains began last summer.

Slight delays on Metro Blue Line

Metro Blue Line service will be delayed about one minute from scheduled times from today until next weekend because of a vehicle accident on Thursday  that damaged signal system equipment in Compton. A Blue Line train was not involved in the accident.

As a result, Blue Line trains are now making a full and complete stop at the Alondra Boulevard crossing until Metro can make full repairs the weekend of Dec. 18-20.

However, starting at 9 p.m. next Friday, Dec. 18, there are expected to be delays of six to 12 minute delays to Blue Line service as repairs are completed.  Trains are expected to operate at slower speeds and stop at several street crossings in the area while equipment is replaced.

We’ll update the progress of the repairs next week on The Source.