Service Alerts

No earthquake damage

With two earthquakes in the Los Angeles region in the past 12 hours — both reported as 4.5-magnitude by the U.S. Geological Survey — Metro is reporting no damage to its rail system. As per procedure, trains slowed down immediately after the quake to ensure the system had not suffered [continue reading]

Expo Line delays this afternoon

There are two disabled trains on the tracks between the 23rd Street and Expo Park stations, meaning the tracks are blocked. As a result, trains are operating between 7th/Metro Center and 23rd Street station with another set of trains running between Vermont station and Culver City station. A bus bridge [continue reading]

Blue Line delays this afternoon

An overhead wire issue between the Wardlow and Willow stations this afternoon is likely to cause 25 minute delays through the afternoon rush hour. Trains are single-tracking around the area where repairs are underway. This is a separate issue from the one that caused delays this morning. The best way [continue reading]

Blue Line delays this morning

Just a reminder: if you were late to work or school because of the power outage on the Blue Line this morning between the Anaheim and Del Amo stations, you can contact Metro customer relations to receive a verification of the delay by calling 213.922.6235 or faxing 213.922.6988.