Three people cited for attempting to walk on closed 405 freeway

Here’s the statement from Unified Command:

Sunday morning, the CHP responded to two isolated and unrelated incidents of pedestrians attempting to enter closed sections of the  I-405 Freeway. The individuals were detained and cited for pedestrians on freeway.

We remind the public that not only is it illegal to attempt to enter the closed freeway, but extremely dangerous. Construction vehicles are not expecting pedestrians on the closed freeway. Lighting is limited and dust can obstruct the view of construction vehicles. There are many hazards in and around the worksite that are hidden by construction material.

405 scene, 4:15 p.m.; latest statement from Unified Command as work continues

Photo by Steve Hymon/Metro


A big piece of the east side of northbound half of the Mulholland Drive bridge fell down just after 4 p.m. Here is the statement issued by Unified Command:

The center span demolition is complete. 65% of the outer spans have been demolished. We expect demolition to proceed more slowly at this point while we carefully dismantle the remaining superstructure (material above the columns) in a way that maintains the structural integrity of the remaining bridge sections.

Within the past hour a large section of the Mulholland Bridge that is being demolished fell down.

This morning another large piece dropped. This is not cause for concern. It did not damage the newly constructed portion of the bridge nor should it cause any delays. The contractor usually cuts the sections into smaller pieces. Structural safety engineers are currently assessing how the large section can be safely demolished.

Kiewit's Dan Kukla is talking to the media as I type, telling them that the contractor still anticipates a reopening of the freeway at 5 a.m. Monday. Work on the bridge continues as I type — it's loud!

405 scene, 3:45 p.m.

Photo by Steve Hymon/Metro


Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Metrolink Board Chairman Richard Katz (at far right) visited the Mulholland Bridge demolition site to report all was going well and area roads, with a few exceptions, were moving along. They also urged area residents to please stay off roads unless necessary to avoid causing a big traffic jam.

A giant chunk of the eastern side of the north half of the bridge just fell about 4 p.m. I'll post a pic in a few minutes.


405 scene, 3:15 p.m.


The media was allowed a brief foray into the northbound lanes to get closer to the bridge about an hour ago. Here's one from my iPhone.

405 view, 2:15 p.m.

Photo by Dave Sotero/Metro


Here's a nice one looking south from the top of the Angelino Hotel. That's the newly rebuilt Sunset Boulevard bridge in the foreground with the empty 405 running underneath.