Video snippet of Saturday's demolition work on Mulholland Drive Bridge

Metro’s Jose Ubaldo shot this with his cell phone. It helps give you a good idea of the work at hand — literally taking down half the bridge. Compared with the photo below taken shortly after sunrise Sunday, the video shows how much work has been done in the past day.

Three people cited for attempting to walk on closed 405 freeway

Here’s the statement from Unified Command:

Sunday morning, the CHP responded to two isolated and unrelated incidents of pedestrians attempting to enter closed sections of the  I-405 Freeway. The individuals were detained and cited for pedestrians on freeway.

We remind the public that not only is it illegal to attempt to enter the closed freeway, but extremely dangerous. Construction vehicles are not expecting pedestrians on the closed freeway. Lighting is limited and dust can obstruct the view of construction vehicles. There are many hazards in and around the worksite that are hidden by construction material.