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Measure J results update

On Friday afternoon, Measure J crossed the 65 percent threshold but is still 1.59 percentage points away from passage. As of Friday, there were still 340,684 votes to be counted, according to the Los Angeles County Registrar’s latest news release. In order for J to pass, more than 78 percent [continue reading]

Latest crime statistics for Metro

Part 1 Crime 2008-2012_Jan-Oct After last week’s tragic rape aboard a Metro bus, customers and media have been asking about crime on the Metro system. The above document (pdf here) compiled by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department — which contracts with Metro to patrol the agency’s system — includes statistics [continue reading]

Measure J unofficial results

The final unoffiicial results were posted by the Registrar within the past hour. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Measure J is nearly two percentage points shy of the two-thirds threshold needed for passage. It appears about 889,000 fewer people cast a vote in the Measure J election than in [continue reading]