The art of transit

photo by Joe Goldberg, via Flickr creative commons

A bird’s eye view shot last month of the underground University Link light rail project being constructed in Seattle. The 3.15-mile project will connect downtown Seattle to the University of Washington at a cost of $1.9 billion.

To submit a photo for the Art of Transit, post it to Metro’s Flickr group, email it to or Tweet it to @metrolosangeles with an #artoftransit hashtag. Many of the photos we’ve featured can be seen in these galleries on Flickr.

Go Metro Weekends, March 23-25

Going to see “The Hunger Games” will be the highlight of my weekend – to those of you who went to midnight showings, I hope you had fun! – but there are a few other events worth checking out too.

Strawberry donut from The Donut Man. Photo by Space Pirate Queen via Flickr

Swing by Echo Park Film Center on Friday to watch the screening of The ADD Channel’s “The Virtual Zone,” a hilarious and sometimes offensive web series featuring real online classified ads acted out by brilliant actors. A few episodes of season one will be shown and the screening is free. Seating is limited so make sure to RSVP. The screening starts at 8 p.m. (Metro Bus 2 or Metro Rapid 704 to Sunset/Alvarado.)

Prepare to pig out the rest of the weekend because For Your Art is offering free donuts for 24 hours. They are setting up a pop-up doughnut shop across from LACMA and giving away donuts from 12 p.m. Saturday until 12 p.m. Sunday. The menu will rotate throughout the day; some of the donuts being offered are UMAMIcatessen’s Tres Leches donut, The Donut Man’s Strawberry donut and Nickle Diner’s Maple Bacon donut. The schedule will tell you which donut is being offered when, but make sure to get there early because the good ones (and they’re all good) will run out fast. The event coincides with the 24-hour screening of “The Clock” at LACMA. (Metro Bus 20 to Wilshire/Spaulding, DASH Fairfax to Wilshire/Spaulding, please note DASH Fairfax does not run on Sunday.)

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Metro to offer Dodger Stadium Express for 2012 season

Here is the news release from Metro:

Metro will again offer Dodger Stadium Express bus service from Union Station in downtown Los Angeles to Dodger Stadium beginning April 3 with the Dodgers pre-game series and throughout the regular 2012 baseball season under a grant approved by the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC).

“Once again, The Dodger Stadium Express comes through for fans,” said Metro Board Chairman and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. “Through a generous grant, the MSRC will allow ticketed fans to ride free from Union Station to Dodger Stadium with the purchase of a Dodgers game ticket.”

A grant of $300,000 awarded to Metro by the MSRC was made in support of clean fuel transit service to link Union Station to Dodger Stadium. The MSRC awards funding within the South Coast Air Basin from a portion of the vehicle registration fee set aside for mobile source projects that result in emission reductions.

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The art of transit

photo by dbessam, via Flickr creative commons

Nice photo titled “anonymous,” taken on a Metro bus on Vermont Avenue.

To submit a photo for the Art of Transit, post it to Metro’s Flickr group, email it to or Tweet it to @metrolosangeles with an #artoftransit hashtag. Many of the photos we’ve featured can be seen in these galleries on Flickr.

Go Metro to live music: Cults

Don’t be afraid to go outside and go Metro this Thursday night to see the indie-rock group Cults perform live at The Fonda Theatre (formerly The Music Box) in Hollywood. And with the Hollywood/Vine Red Line Station just a block away, there’s no reason to miss it.

Cults began as a side-project between two friends, Madeline Follin and Brian Oblivion, while both were in music school in New York City. Relatively unknown prior to 2010, they’re now best known for their single “Go Outside” (below) which became an internet hit not long after they uploaded the song to their personal music sharing website. Their self-titled mainstream debut, which also features the song, was released on Columbia Records in 2011.



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The art of transit

photo by The Hamster Factor, via Flickr creative commons

Take a guess where the photo of this bus stop was taken. There is one pretty good clue in the image. Here’s another one: the city is nine years shy of its 400th anniversary. Answer after the jump.

To submit a photo for the Art of Transit, post it to Metro’s Flickr group, email it to or Tweet it to @metrolosangeles with an #artoftransit hashtag. Many of the photos we’ve featured can be seen in these galleries on Flickr.

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Transportation headlines, Monday, March 19

Here is a look at some of the transportation headlines gathered by us and the Metro Library. The full list of headlines is posted on the Library’s Headlines blog, which you can also access via email subscription or RSS feed.

The odd link between commute direction and marital satisfaction (The Atlantic Cities)

A new study by Chinese researchers suggests that there is a “shared-direction effect” in marital satisfaction. In their upcoming paper in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, the researchers explain their finding that couples who commute in the same direction seem to be happier together than couples who do not. The effect was even found in couples who don’t travel on the same train. The research suggests that going in the same direction is a commonality that may, in turn, increase the attraction partners feel for one another.

Where's my train? Times Square Station (Photo by Joel Epstein/Metro)

An app for finding NYC subway art (Transportation Nation)

New York City transit riders can now use the Arts for Transit app to learn about each of the 236 permanent artworks in the New York City transit system. The new app is searchable by transit line and artist, and offers turn-by-turn directions to help users locate the piece in the station. For some of the art, the app provides video and audio podcasts detailing the work.

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The art of transit

photo by New York MTA, via Flickr creative commons

Construction proceeding on the 2nd Avenue subway in New York City. Very cool pic. If subway construction is your thing, here’s a set of photos showing work on a new underground line in Amsterdam.

To submit a photo for the Art of Transit, post it to Metro’s Flickr group, email it to or Tweet it to @metrolosangeles with an #artoftransit hashtag. Many of the photos we’ve featured can be seen in these galleries on Flickr.

Getting to Staples Center from the Westside: A travel diary

The first transit leg on my trip downtown. Photo by Carter Rubin/Metro.

On Tuesday night, I “went Metro” from the Westside to catch the L.A. Kings showdown against the Detroit Red Wings at Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. First, an important point: The Kings authoritatively won 5 to 2 to keep their playoff hopes alive.

As many of you likely know, getting to downtown L.A. for an early evening event from the Westside can be supremely challenging and downright nerve-wracking because of traffic. The eastbound Santa Monica Freeway — the main drain for all those workers leaving the Westside — is usually stop-and-go from mid-afternoon until well past 7 p.m. on most weekdays.

As of this moment, there is no Metro Rail and Metrolink service west of downtown, although the Expo Line to Culver City is coming soon (more on that below). In the meantime, however, there are a variety of bus lines operated by Metro and others that provide options other than driving.

Depending on where on the Westside you’re coming from, you’ve got the 720 Rapid on Wilshire, the 733 Rapid on Venice, the 704 Rapid along Santa Monica, the Big Blue Bus Rapid 7 along Pico Boulevard to the Wilshire/Western Purple Line station — to name a few. Metro’s trip planner and Google Transit are useful online tools. Or, if you have any specific questions about the best route for you, I’d be happy to field them in the comments section.

With that in mind, here’s how I did it…

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