Metro gets a nice cameo in new Alternative Travel Project video on getting around L.A. sans personal car

This video has been making the rounds since being posted earlier this month. It’s the work of the Alternative Travel Project, a group which advocates for — as the name implies — travel by transit, bike and foot. On the local front, the actress Stana Katic has been giving the group a helping hand and the group has been involved in pushing CicLAvia.

It’s a great video with Metro playing a supporting role — and it shows that cars are hardly the only travel choice in So Cal. Share it please.

UCLA students learn the ropes of L.A.'s transit system

Here’s a nice, short video from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs, which each fall provides an “L.A. Transit Tour” to incoming students to help them get a better handle on the lay of the land here. Take a look. The video includes footage of former Source writer Carter Rubin preaching the gospel (of transit) while aboard Metro Rail.

Now that's a pro-transit music video!

If you’re watching this at work, consider this an “earphones” alert. The video is from the band “It’s Casual” and the song is called “The Red Line” and is decidedly pro-transit.

In an email, front-man Eddie Solis wrote the song is non-fiction account of a working professional who chooses to take public transportation “because the freeways are not so nice.” In the song, Eddie takes particular umbrage with the 210, 605 and 101.

The MetroDuo Blog is a guide to L.A. events by Metro Rail

Here’s a new local blog worth checking out: The MetroDuo Blog.

The tagline of the site is “See Los Angeles by rail!” and the posts center on Metro accessible events throughout the city. These are more than just listings à la Go Metro Weekends – they’re nice detailed write-ups by the Duo that include great pictures (the writers are photographers by trade) and maps that tell you exactly how to get to any given event on Metro Rail.

Despite focusing on events and destinations, the blog’s philosophy is of the “it’s the journey, not the destination” variety, as summed up in the About Us blurb:

We see the Metro as more than transportation. It is part of our activities and outings, not just a way to get to an event or place.

The latest posting takes a look at MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibition and is accompanied by some photos that make me want to hop on the Gold Line right now and check out the show. Added bonus: the Duo reveal that MOCA waives the entrance fee to the show during certain hours on Mondays and Thursdays. Nice.

Another useful post from the Duo: a guide to the Pasadena City College Flea Market, also accessible by the Gold Line. The post includes a nice tip about an e-waste recycling drop point at the market. Good to know for those of us who upgraded to a fancy smartphone and are at a loss about what to do with our old Nokia brick.

The MetroDuo Blog looks to be a worthy bookmark for Metro riders and L.A. explorers alike. Check it out.

More Expo Videos: A Phase One tour by car

Thanks to Montreal-based transit connoisseur Alex Kasperavicius for recording this video progress report on the Expo Line Phase One from Culver City to downtown Los Angeles. At 16 minutes long, it represents a somewhat sped-up version of how riding the trail will actually feel (red lights are edited out — if only in real life too!).

In ten years, it’ll be interesting to come back and look at this again, when all the recently-planted trees have grown in and Expo feels like second nature to the communities it will serve.

Let us know what you think of this one, and we’ll keep passing along the great ones that we find.