Roundup of bus stop relocations on Wilshire due to Purple Line construction

Due to Purple Line Extension subway construction, several bus lines and stops are currently impacted or will be impacted in the near future. Since we get a fair number of questions about the relocations from riders, we wanted to put them all in one place.

•The bus stops at Wilshire Boulevard and La Brea for Metro Local 20 and Rapid 720 have been relocated since 2015 until further notice. The nearest bus stops for both eastbound and westbound buses are located at Wilshire near Cloverdale Avenue.

•The bus stops at Wilshire and Fairfax Avenue for the 20 and 720 have been relocated since summer 2016 until further notice. The nearest bus stops are:

-Eastbound at Wilshire near Crescent Heights Avenue.

-Westbound 2at mid-block between Fairfax and Crescent Heights.

•The bus stops at Wilshire and La Cienega Boulevard for 20 and 720 have been relocated since fall 2016 until further notice. The nearest bus stops are:

-Eastbound at Wilshire near Stanley Drive.

-Westbound at Wilshire near San Vicente Boulevard.

•The bus stops at Wilshire and La Cienega Metro for northbound Local 105 and Rapid 705 buses previously located on northbound La Cieneg has been relocated for the next eight to 10 months. The nearest bus stop is:

-Northbound La Cienega and Gregory Way

•Jet-grouting activities on Wilshire between Crenshaw Boulevard and Highland Avenue will impact the Local 20 and Rapid 720 periodically for the next eight to 12 weeks. Within that area buses will stop at:

-Eastbound/Westbound at Wilshire near Norton Avenue

-Eastbound/Westbound at Wilshire near Cloverdale Avenue

-Westbound 20 at Wilshire near Rimpau Boulevard

-Eastbound 20 at Wilshire near Fremont Place

For the latest bus information please call 323.Go.Metro.

The 3.9-mile first section of the Purple Line Extension will extend the subway from its current terminus at Wilshire/Western with stations at Wilshire/La Brea, Wilshire/Fairfax and Wilshire/La Cienega. The first section is currently scheduled to open in late 2023. Two additional sections are in the works that will take the subway to downtown Beverly Hills, Century City and Westwood. Completion of those sections is forecast for the mid-2020s.

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  1. The construction has greatly impacted commuters along Wilshire from Mansfield to Rimpau both east and west bound Metro 20 and Rapid 720. This is causing a delay in connecting with the Purpleline on Wilshire and Western. Thereby causing commuter to miss connection with Metrolink San Bernardino and Riverside lines. Many commuters are asking why can’t there be a Rapid 720 pickup at Wilshire and Mansfield either east and west bound. The most important is the evening commute east bound. If Metro is allowing a Metro Bus 20 pickup eastbound on Wilshire and Mansfield, why can’t the Rapid 720 pick up as well. The only pick up location is on Cloverdale and Crenshaw. Both location are extremely far and impractical to attempt to board because the walk its self adds 10-15 min walk.

    Please consider having the Rapid 720 bus pick up at Wilshire and Mansfield.

    Thank You,

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