Go Metro to UCLA-USC football!

USC vs. UCLA Football 2012

A huge crowd is expected for Saturday night’s annual crosstown rivalry game between USC and host UCLA at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

If you don’t feel like driving, the Gold Line’s Memorial Park Station in downtown Pasadena is a short stroll to the free shuttle to the stadium. All the details are here. Regular adult fare is $1.75 (or $3.50 round-trip), which is cheaper than parking at the stadium.

Here’s a map that shows how easy-peasy it is to take the train:





3 replies

  1. 6 minute headways on Expo on USC game days? Extra service on the Silver Line? Who pays for the additional service? You? Me? or USC? Seriously, I want to know! Are we giving them extra service for free, at taxpayer (and transit user) expense? Remember, this is the same USC that is cutting back on transit subsidies for their staff so that they can justify building more parking structures.

    Also, there’s no free parking at the La Brea Expo Station, so please fix that in your text. There is parking at Crenshaw, but I’m not sure that’s open on weekends. (Church, you know.)

  2. I was on the 110 Freeway South on Saturday and was very angry when I saw that the fastrack lanes were open to Manchester after the end of the USC/UCLA football game at the Coliseum. I often travel the 110 on weekends and traffic in the general purpose lanes are worse than during weekday rush hour while no one is in the fastrack lanes. If the lanes can be open to everyone for a “football” game, then why aren’t they open every Saturday and Sunday for the benefit of everyone? Why is the benefit granted to USC?