Silver Line artworks brighten transit environment for customers

New artwork by Christine Nguyen at Silver Line Manchester Station

New artwork by Christine Nguyen at Silver Line Manchester Station

In Metro’s ongoing effort to improve the transit environment and attract customers to our system, Metro completed installation of new artworks at Manchester Station as part of the Silver Line Revitalization Project. The artworks were carefully fitted and applied to the underside of the glass canopies above the seating areas.


Manchester Station before artwork was applied to the canopies

Created by artist Christine Nguyen, the colorful artworks present dreamlike imagery of the local flora and fauna. A mountainous urban environment is portrayed amid oceanic life forms inspired by aquatic life found at surrounding marine preserves and tide pools. In reference to the changing colors of the ocean when viewed at different times of the day, one canopy design incorporates mostly blue hues to represent daytime while the other is delineated in orange, yellow, red and purple for sunset.

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  1. Agreed art is a low priority at this stage when Metro has budget problems. Metro needs to invest wisely and prioritizing art project is not one of them. Art can always be installed later.

    Metro has installed art for quite a while now, yet their ridership has actually declined so it’s pretty apparent that new art isn’t attracting riders. You can see that ridership has fallen on both bus and rail directly on Metro’s own ridership statistic page:

    What this shows is that art isn’t going to magically improve ridership numbers. It’s somewhere else that Metro needs to be focusing their efforts on. Lack of restrooms? Adding station kiosks? Lack of retail stands? Better security? Lower fares for shorter trips?