Metro transit info currently not available on Google Transit

More than a few people have noticed that Google Transit hasn’t been showing Metro transit info lately. Metro routinely sends Google revised data concerning routes and schedules, and the process of updating data is mostly automated.

In this case, there was a transfer failure and Google is working to correct the problem. It is anticipated that they will have Metro’s transit info available again by next Monday, August 26, if not before.

To help you get around in the meantime, you can contact Metro at 323.GO.METRO (323.466.3876) and speak with an agent who can assist you with your travel needs, or you can visit and use Trip Planner.

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  1. Today, August 25, Google recommended I take Amtrak to Anaheim and then two buses to get from Union station to long beach transit mall. It also recommended I take metro link and two buses to get from union station to north Hollywood red line station.


  2. Thank god, these dash routes are so confusing and i was wondering why metro wasnt showing up anymore. Good to know what’s going on.


  3. […] The Source reported that data for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CA) was not showing up on Google Maps last week. Metro attributes the problem to a “transfer failure” and says that the fix is expected today. […]


  4. metro trip planner isnt so great either. the 156 bus doesnt even seem to exist. it is directing to me to the commuter express to get to lavc. no matter what time i select.