Westside Subway Extension gets a new official name: Purple Line Extension

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The re-branding has been in the works for a while and the project has, at times, been referred to by both names. The project extends the subway from its current terminus at Wilshire and Western to a station at the VA Hospital in Westwood.

Why wasn’t it just called “Purple Line Extension” from the get-go? The short answer: the project wasn’t officially a subway until the environmental studies were complete.

Here are the new addresses:

Web: metro.net/purplelineext
E-mail: purplelineext@metro.net
Twitter: @purplelineext
Facebook: facebook.com/purplelineext

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21 replies

  1. Why, oh why, can’t they extend it one stop south to intersect with the Expo line. “Subway to the sea” is never going to pencil out once the Expo line is done and at some point they WILL extend it. Why not just do it now? Ridership and functionality would be so much better. And Crenshaw should be ending at HiHo. Argh! So frustrating.


  2. @switchbox–there is a long political reason for it. It would take some time to explain all the details, but basically, politicians responded to public outcry (back when the subway was something that people feared) by stopping construction along the gassy Wilshire corridor and instead was sent north. If the politicians had acted rationally and with bravery and vision, we would have had a subway to the sea instead of an at grade train to the sea.


  3. @Doug Short…
    Because that’s the eventual task of the line that will come from the valley and down the 405… connect with the Purple Line, The Expo Line and the Crenshaw Line / People Mover to LAX.

    I’m guessing by an optimistic 2035.


  4. Andre,
    A Crenshaw/ Wilshire stop (or one nearby) might have to wait until the Crenshaw Line is extended to the purple Line.