Two TAP updates and dedicated lane coming for Dodger Stadium Express

Three quick notes from the Metro Board of Director committee meetings on Thursday morning:

•The Dodger Stadium Express will be back this season, once again offering free bus service between Los Angeles Union Station and the ballpark for those holding tickets to the game. And there's a wrinkle: in cooperation with the city of Los Angeles, there is expected to be a dedicated bus lane near the stadium this year to speed up the bus trips.

•TAP-enabled paper tickets for Metrolink are expected to show up in Metrolink ticket machines this spring. Gate latching tests with the tickets have gone very well.

•Metro will be moving TAP validators at some rail stations so they're more convenient for customers and easier to find. The first change will be the validators at the busy 7th/Metro Center station used by the Red/Purple Line subway and the Blue Line and Expo Line.


21 thoughts on “Two TAP updates and dedicated lane coming for Dodger Stadium Express

  1. That is totally cool. I have a Chase debit card with Blink technology. It would be awesome if I can just use that to ride Metro instead of routing it through TAP. There’s just too much hassle in going to Ralphs and reloading money onto it.

    It would be so much easier if my debit card which already has contactless technology, could just automatically deduct the fare straight from my checking account. And if San Francisco starts using this, I won’t even have to bother getting a Clipper Card either. One card for LA and for San Francisco. Let’s do it! If the British can figure it out, we can too.

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