One thought on “Metro Board of Directors meeting is underway

  1. I would like to hear LACMTA discuss what changes can be done to bring another 1% of the county in favor of another transit tax. 66% was a large, even super majority, and 55% would still be a significantly higher bar then 50%. But it seems as if the powers at be would rather change the rules then get as many people as they can on board (see what I did there…the pun…get it?).

    Interestingly, when researching the Sepulveda reversible lane, I found a quote from 1990, the year the reversible lane was first approved, that said “The Valley has not received its fair share of Measure A dollars.” Twenty years later, we…I just changed the “A” to an “R”. Perhaps in twenty years others will replace the “R” with a “J”.

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