Motorcycles no longer need FasTrak transponders to use ExpressLanes

The ExpressLanes on the 10 freeway are scheduled to open at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, weather permitting. There is a press event Friday morning at the new El Monte Station — adjacent to the ExpressLanes — but I wanted to put the word out early that motorcycles no longer need FasTrak transponders to use the lanes; motorcycles use the lanes for free.

Those who have opened motorcycle only accounts will be notified by email and issued refunds when they return the transponder.

Why do motorcycles no longer need transponders? The toll system on the ExpressLanes is automated. A software update to the system now allows cameras to recognize standard motorcycle license plates — thus ensuring they won't receive a notice for not having a transponder.

38 thoughts on “Motorcycles no longer need FasTrak transponders to use ExpressLanes

    • Hi David;

      I assume at the next full month billing cycle — i.e. end of March. But let me check.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  1. This appears to state only the FT lanes on the 10 will be ok for motorcycles without transponders. What about the 110? And future lanes?

    • No transponders needed for motorcycles with standard state motorcycle license plates on either the 10 or 110 ExpressLanes!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. And another comment that would make me think any motorcycle getting a ticket for this, could easily fight it: The issuance of the ticket is, by their own admission, not due to a violation of traffic law, nor of safety regulations: it is due to a technical deficiency in cameras that have been corrected (in SOME cameras).

    I suspect that alone would get the ticket dismissed. In fact, many cam tix get dismissed if the driver cannot be identified. A full-face helmet might well meet that criterion.

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  5. A big _THANK_YOU_ to Scott who did this all on his own ~ he didn’t ask for any help .

    Once again the pen gets the job done .


    • Hi Daniel;

      I’m not sure of rules for other HOT lanes around state — but this post applies onto to the ExpressLanes on the 10 and 110.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  6. I rode on the 10 express lanes without a transponder after reading this post. My bike license plate is registered on my fastrack account. I got charged $0.60, from the cameras reading my plate, for that trip. I thought motorcycles were able to use the lanes for free? Do I need to remove the bike license plate from my account?

    • Hey JT;

      Not to give you the government-run-around, but it’s best you check with the ExpressLanes customer relations staff to see what happened — I’m not sure why you got charged. Customer relations info:

      For customer service:
      Call 511 and say “ExpressLanes”

      If you live outside of Los Angeles, Orange or Ventura counties:

      (877) 224-6511


      Good luck with it and sorry for any inconvenience,

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

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