Expo will get its very own FlyAway service to LAX, starting this spring


FlyAway bus at Patsaouras Plaza/Union Station

FlyAway bus at Patsaouras Plaza/Union Station

Good news for Expo riders. New FlyAway bus shuttle service to LAX — this one from the Expo Line La Brea Station — will begin this spring (date to be determined), making 18 trips a day. To encourage ridership the price will begin at $6 one way but will rise to $7 after six months. The cost of running the service is $267,000 a year, according to airport officials.

In other FlyAway news: One-way fares between Van Nuys bus terminal and LAX will rise to $8 July 2. The increase is expected to reduce an annual defict of $531,000 for operating and maintaining the Van Nuys terminal to $168,000.

Lucky for those of us who use it, the popular FlyAway bus from Patsaouras Transit Plaza at Union Station will remain $7 one way.

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  1. in the valley,

    “This is about moving people from point A to point B and reducing vehicle traffic”

    If Amtrak were run under flat rate fares like Metro, do you think people will use Amtrak if the cost of going from LA to San Diego cost the same as going from LA to Chicago? $400 per person to go from LA to San Diego, and $400 per person to go from LA to Chicago. Or will people will say “forget it, I’m not paying $300 just to get to San Diego, I’ll drive.”

    It’s the same logic in smaller scale.

    If you want to move people from point A to point B and reduce vehicle traffic, you need a fare model that makes sense, not something where “I pay $3.00 to travel 5 miles over two trains, but the other guy pays $1.50 to travel 20 miles over one train.” Guess what the $3.00 guy is going to do? He’s going to say “screw this, I’m better off driving.”


  2. Sarcastic Angeleno: The “obvious” correction is to raise the base fare slightly, and allow free or low-cost transfers between Metro lines. (Just as you have between Metro and municipal buses today.)

    There are other transit agencies where paying a “single ride” fare entitles you to multiple transfers at no additional charge as long as you complete your trip within a set period of time (typically ranging from 90 minutes to four hours). People who don’t get a one-seat ride may not like having to change buses, but fares aren’t a sticking point. That gives agencies more flexibility when planning fixed route service, because they can do what makes the most operational sense for them.

    LAX Frequent Flyer: Other regions have a pretty good idea who their customers are. “Distance-based” systems tend to have the highest percentage of white riders, and those who earn above area median income. “Flat-fare” systems primarily serve minority and low-income ridership.

    Is distance-based more fair? Of course not. Odds are you’re just going to end up with another gerrymandered zone system, where someone who rides three miles on a single vehicle, but crosses a fare boundary, pays significantly more than someone who travels 12 miles within a single zone.

    Sarcastic Angeleno: It’s ridiculous to insist that transit systems be “profitable” when automobile drivers are subsidized. Revenues from vehicle registration fees and gas taxes aren’t sufficient to cover their infrastructure costs. Fix that, and we can talk. But I don’t think you want to open that can of worms. Think London is so great? Would you be willing to pay over $15 a day to drive your car into downtown L.A.? Because that’s what they do. That’s how they get those “millions” of riders to switch to transit.

    Yes, I’ve traveled outside the U.S. Heck, I’ve lived outside the U.S. What’s different? Number one, no Americans with Disabilities Act. Two, no Title VI. What makes us different? We have a heart. And I wouldn’t trade that for the world.


  3. This distance based fare vs. flat fare debate is in the wrong spot. The story is about the FlyAway, which is a LAWA service, not Metro. It is here because Metro shares info about transportation in general in this blog.


    • Correct — and it’s the reason I’m not posting any more comments about the fare structure here. It’s the same old debate that has been hashed over numerous times on this comment board. This thread now returns to its original programming: FlyAway.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source


  4. I have a proposal…. don’t laugh…what about a “Flyaway” service between UCLA and Union Station? No stops in between. If It was as punctual as the current service between Union Station and LAX – and I am happy with that service – I would definitely ride it. And pay $7.