New video focuses on Regional Connector construction on Flower Street

Here’s the new video from the Regional Connector team that provides a timeline of how construction will proceed along Flower Street. The Connector, of course, will tie in with the Blue Line and Expo Line just north of the existing 7th/Metro Center Station.

25 thoughts on “New video focuses on Regional Connector construction on Flower Street

  1. @Neglected Bus Rider

    Speaking of Bias, look at yourself before you throw the first stone because your own bias is that buses are neglected. Your rantings are naive and narrow minded.

    • Look Nathan-I deal with the MTA’s inefficient bus service DAILY, and have done so for nearly 4 years now! I have seen buses break down mid-route, and NOT BEEN REPLACED! I have seen bus service CUT WITHOUT EXPLAINATION, neither to riders, nor taxpayers! I have seen the countless incidents of the MTA’s BOONDOGGLING WASTE OF FEDERAL TAX DOLLARS, as evidenced in: El Monte Station “Redevelopment”, the “studies” for Union Station redevelopment, the repetitive waste of money on “studies” of the extension of the 710 freeway NO ONE EXCEPT THE MTA seems to want! And then finally, there is the “rehabilitation” of bus mainenance yards (like Division 13!), which does NOT MOVE A SINGLE BUS RIDER, NOR IMPROVE ANY BUS LINE! And you say I am “naive”? PICK UP A DAMNED NEWSPAPER, AND TRY RIDING ONE OF THE MTA’S SHRINKING BUS LINES, and you will see what I am talking about! You must WORK FOR the MTA to accuse a rider of being “naive”! Pathetic you are!

      • Hi Nathan and Neglected Bus Rider;

        With all due respect to both of you, let’s please address the issue and not eachother as per our comment policy. I appreciate it,

        Steve Hymon
        Editor, The Source

  2. How long did the Red/Purple and Blue Line tunnels take to build by comparison? Groundbreaking for the Red Line was September 29, 1986, and service started (to Alvarado Bl) on January 30, 1993, a little over six years….was that first segment about 2.3 miles?

  3. Hi Steve–

    With each phase of piling, decking, box construction, and decking removal, the video shows that they’ll wait for one phase to be completely done before starting the next. It seems odd that they don’t start one phase when the previous phase has worked a safe distance ahead. For example, start box construction when the decking is one block down. Or start decking removal and repaving when the box was 3/4 constructed.

    It seems like the project could be shortened by about a year if these sorts of rolling windows were used.

    Any thoughts as to why the process is so conservative in this respect?

    • Hi Todd;

      I don’t really know enough about the construction process at this point to say anything intelligent. I do think the video is intended to be a general guide and therefore simplified the process. Other factors to consider with construction are the time it takes to hire a contractor — procurement at Metro is not a short process (nor is it at other transit agencies either) — and the time it takes to excavate and build the stations.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

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