The rides are on Metro this Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

Celebrate the holidays at Grand Park, served by the Civic Center Station. Photo via Grand Park Official Facebook

In keeping with tradition, Metro will once more be offering free rides this Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve to provide safe transportation and reduce holiday traffic congestion. No fare will be charged on all Metro Rail and Bus lines starting at 9 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 24 until 2 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 25 and 9 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 31 until 2 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 1.

Buses and trains are running on their usual weekday schedule on today, Christmas Eve. Buses and trains will run on their Sunday/holiday schedules on Tuesday. Here are all of Metro’s schedules and route maps.

Metro Rail will operate all-night service on New Year’s Eve for those staying out extra late and to encourage easy travel to the Rose Parade inPasadena. However, free fares only apply until 2 a.m. Those traveling after 2 a.m. will need to TAP to ride.

Metro Rail and Metro Bus systems will operate on a Sunday schedule Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, both of which fall on a Tuesday this year.

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  1. Why only 9pm to 2am? This excludes about everyone using buses and rails! Thanks for nothing Metro! Metro’s target is potential late nite riders and not the general ridership.


  2. Metro. Why are you using older buses on the 450 Express between Dwtn and SBay? Passengers pay higher fares for better service! What happened to the Blue buses? The buses should be the newer buses that hold more passengers!Its unfair to pay higher fares for older standing room only bus rides!


  3. Metro. You have a large student and worker ridership during both morning and evening rush periods on the SilverLine Btwn Dtwn and Sbay! Get a clue! Either add additional buses during those periods or quit having two or more buses sit while watching one bus fill to capacity. There should be a max rider limitation. There are supervisors riding around in Metro Cars observing this activity! Why don’t they instruct the sitting buses to back-up the filled buses? Again, Silverline riders pay a higher fare for better service. It makes little sense to see Silverline buses packed standing room only and observe Silver Streak double buses practically empty! We would gladly accept SilverStreak size buses on our line during the Rush Hours of each day!