Muse music video: “madness” on the subway

In case you didn’t catch the link on this week’s Twitter Tuesday, here’s the music video by Muse featuring the Metro subway platform and train at Union Station.

8 thoughts on “Muse music video: “madness” on the subway

  1. Was the police reaction because they were smoking on the platform/train? I am surprised Metro allowed their logo to appear in this quite dystopian video. Is there a “making of” video too?

    • Hi Erik,

      I don’t believe there is a “making of” video currently available. I can only assume the police came out in force to punish their forbidden dark love – and the smoking, which is a major no-no!

      Anna Chen
      The Source, Contributor

  2. But vid opens with characters smoking their brains out, presumably attempting to appear glamourous & not the idiots they are. Air pollution & skyrocketing healthcare costs are not amusing. FYI … tobacco KILLS thousands every day.

    Maddness on Subway not a good, screaming Twitter title. Mental illness is another NOT funny subject, especially aftet Newtown insane shootings.

    What is going on with MTA’s Powers That Be?


    • Hi Kim,

      Smoking is indeed a terrible thing (and not allowed on Metro trains, buses and platforms), which is why I believe the police came out with attack dogs and riot gear to stop them. (And my, didn’t things escalate quickly.)

      I do agree with your point about the headline, it was a pun on the song title and I didn’t think about how it could be misinterpreted. It’s been changed now.


      Anna Chen
      The Source, Contributor

  3. For those that don’t like muse…. Another great music video filmed on Metro: Bad Day. Pershing Square station and Pershing Square park.

    (Since we’re pointing out Metro allowing people to break rules in music videos, this one does a great job at encouraging vandalism! lol :P )

  4. Awesome Muse video … love it. Never cared for the “Bad Day” song, but I’ll give it props for the video.

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