Metro ExpressLanes flowed well on 110 on Tuesday morning

The above photo was taken at 7:15 a.m. this morning of the northbound 110 freeway; the ExpressLanes are the two far-left lanes. As you can see, traffic was flowing smoothly in the heart of the morning rush hour.

The ExpressLanes averaged about 1,200 vehicles per hour during the rush hour Tuesday morning, which is about 85 percent of weekday volume. Speeds averaged 60 mph and never fell below 45 mph, the target minimum speed on the ExpressLanes.

The average end-to-end toll this morning was $9.35; the maximum toll is $1.40 per mile or $15.40 for the entire 11-mile trip on the ExpressLanes on the 110 freeway. The minimum toll is 25 cents per mile or $2.75 for the entire 11 miles.

Three reminders:

•The toll you see posted on the electronic sign at the time when you enter the lanes, is locked in. In other words, if you enter the lanes and it’s $3.85, the toll rate is 35 cents and you will pay 35 cents per mile for the entire time you’re in the lanes.

•There are many ways to get FasTrak transponders; please see the ExpressLanes website to order online. Transponders can also be obtained through AAA (members get a discount), at Metro Customer Service Centers in Gardena and El Monte and discounts are available at Albertons and Costco.

•The $3 Monthly Account Maintenance Fee will not go into effect until after the I-10 ExpressLanes open in early 2013.

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  1. I drove the 110 south today from the 5 to the 105, around 11:30 (for work). Main line traffic was worse than normal for the strech where the carpool lanes used to be. There was far less cars in the HOT lanes than would be normal at that time of day. I noticed a number of vehicles (including the one that I was driving) that would normally be in the carpool lanes (2 or more occupants), but weren’t.

    My employer (that has a very large fleet in the area, hundreds of diverse vehicles) won’t pay for the transponder or the monthly fees. In my case, there are months where the fee would get charged and months that it wouldn’t.


  2. There are definitely fewer cars in the HOT lanes than usual. It’s great for me since I carpool, so I’m not complaining! The only thing I’m worried about is that my trips aren’t getting recorded to my account. I’ve taken 4 trips, and only the very first one shows up. Maybe since the express lanes just opened, there’s some bugs to be worked out? (I don’t think it’s a transponder issue because my transponder beeps like it’s supposed to).

    I know people don’t like to pay for something that used to be free (carpool lane) or for something that they feel should be free (freeways), but I think the only group of people that that are negatively impacted with the express lanes would be people who don’t carpool on a normal basis or don’t live in LA and wouldn’t have a transponder.


  3. The traffic is now significantly worse in the afternoons going in the direction of 110N. I hope to God this isn’t the way its going to be in the future as my commute was just increased a great deal. Frustrating to see NO cars in the HOT lane, being pushed into the regular lanes to create MORE congestion and longer commute times. Not sure this is a good idea for the general population, but it’s going to make the city a little bit of money, so, doubt the feelings of the masses will be given much thought.


  4. Traffic has been consistently much worse for the past 6 commutes. It has become more and more aggravating. This is after only a few days. What is going to be the “official” response if this is the way it continues to be?


  5. This has clearly been increasing the normal commute for the general purpose lanes. I’m a reverse commuter out of Downtown in to El Segundo. I only drive 2 or 3 days a week and take Metro the others so I don’t even think twice about using the Express Lanes (and they’re cheaper than 450 Bus Fare but that’s a whole separate rant). Since the HOT opened, I’ve had my transponder and blown past traffic but I now feel like the general purpose is no longer an option as it’s absolute gridlock. What’s worse is that NO ONE else is in the HOT with me yet the toll is still not set at the minimum price.

    I also have been casually checking the few other cars in the HOT and the enforcement lights for traffic flowing the other way and I would estimate only 2 in 5 vehicles have a transponder. Trust me, you all are NOT ready to pull this off on the I-10.

    Also, is there any way to stop the annoying emails about adding my license plate? As we all know, it takes MONTHS before you’re issued a license plate for a new car purchase and I’m getting continually spammed my Metroexpresslanes about adding a license plate number I don’t have yet.


    • Hi Vince;

      1. What time of the day are you commuting on the 110? It would help to know so that Metro can monitor the situation more closely.

      2. Violation notices are part of the enforcement process and are sent to the registered owner of the vehicle when a transponder is not detected in the Express Lanes. Not all violators get pulled over by CHP.

      3. ExpressLanes did experience a glitch with their email notification system last night.  The glitch is fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience.


      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source