Blue and Expo line service back to normal

Regular service on the Blue Line resumed about 8:15 a.m. this morning. A lightning strike — yes, a lightning strike — caused a power disruption to the train between the Willow and Del Amo stations a little before 7 a.m. A test train ran about 8 a.m. and service resumed after that.

Delayed by Blue Line this morning and need delay verification for employer/school? Call Customer Relations at 213.922.6235 or fax them at 213.922.6988.

You can receive service alerts several ways. They’re on the homepage (which also has a mobile version), are also available through Metro’s smartphone app and they’re posted to Metro’s regular Twitter account, as well as Metro’s service alert account.


One thought on “Blue and Expo line service back to normal

  1. I was on the 6:30am train leaving Dwntwn Long Beach Transit Mall, when we arrived at PCH Station the Operator chimed in & said that power was out between those sections. The only thing that Metro Failed in serving their customers this morning, was not having a bus bridge active & ready to go to usher everyone to an awaiting train either at Willow, Del Amo or Artesia Station.

    In short, we did not proceed until a little past 7am, making hundreds of ppl late, tardy for work & school. This is Something Metro needs to work on whenever these delays in power outages occurs to the line.

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