Silver Line late-night service starts Friday, Aug. 17

Photo by Waltarrrr, via Flickr creative commons.

When Metro rolled out expanded late-night service on Metro Rail and the Orange Line last month, many of you wondered “what about the Silver Line?” Well wonder no more good readers, late-night weekend service for the Silver Line begins this Friday.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the Silver Line will run past 2 a.m. The last bus from Artesia Transit Center departs at 1:56 a.m. and the last bus from El Monte Bus Station departs at 2 a.m. The schedule of additional trips can be seen here.

Metro added extended service to the Silver Line due to the jump in late-night ridership since Metro Rail and the Orange Line began operating until 2 a.m. Keep these numbers up and we may one day end up with late-night service seven days a week!

19 thoughts on “Silver Line late-night service starts Friday, Aug. 17

  1. Extending the Silver Line to San Pedro makes perfect sense. The 110/Harbor Busway continues all the way to PCH. It would take the Silver Line around 60 minutes to reach San Pedro. Artesia Transit Center is not a destination. The Harbor and San Pedro deserve better service than forced hit and miss transfers at a Park & Ride.

  2. I thought that the $2.45 fare for the Metro Silver Line had something to do with overlap with the Foothill Transit Silver Streak.

  3. Another +1 for most of calwatch’s comment, but I’m with Realist Angelino regarding the odd $2.45 fare. If we want to integrate the Silver Line into Metro’s “Go Metro” strategy/map, then it should function similarly as possible to the Orange Line and Metro Rail lines. That means adopting the simple, “One Boarding, One Fifty” fare structure as well as TVMs and all-door boarding. If we can’t go this route, then rebrand the Silver Line to what it really is: a Metro Express bus, for better or worse.

  4. What’s the basis that there’s a flat fee of $0.95 freeway surcharge whether one uses the Silver Line all the way from El Monte to Artesia Transit Center versus a person who uses it only halfway?

    Should the Orange Line then be subject to its own separate “bus transit way fee?” How about a tire maintenance fee for Metro Buses? An electricity fee for Metro Rail? A TAP installation recollection fee using TAP? Fee for breathing Los Angeles air?

    Things are getting too out of control.

  5. @Mike: I have bought this issue SEVERAL times to expand the Silver Line to San Pedro. It would take over the last 2 abandoned stations which include: Carson and PCH transitway station. They have stated that the line would be too long, however the operations manager at division 18 did say they currently looking at this and eliminating line 450x to extend the Silver Line to San Pedro, & possibly provide a faster Silver Line service. I would love to see this line go all the way to San Pedro. Silver streak operates around 38 miles and yet foothill continues to operate the line, so Metro should extend the Silver Line to San Pedro.

    @transit Ride: I SECOND HIS COMMENT!!!! Metro please expand the Silver Line to San Pedro!

  6. If they say the line is too long, that means the city is too big, and that is not fair to people that live on either end, and pay taxes as one city. How does the day pass loop hole this 95 cent sur charge but not weekly or monthly pass holders? Again, great potential, but squandered service. For every 20 people that put a dollar in the fare box, metro makes a dollar (no one has 95 cents in their pocket).

  7. I still don’t see a revised timeable with the late-night hours for the Silver Line posted on Will one be posted soon?

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