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  1. I just received a bill for $25.80 for being in the express lane for about 20 feet. What’s next fines for parking in your own driveway. Didn’t our tax dollars pay for that FREEWAY back in the 1950’s


  2. Aren’t they called FREEWAYS? Yes don’t we pay the highest gasoline tax in the country? I received a violation notice for being on this freeway for a very short period and it costs me $26.35. That’s my fuel consumption for half the week.


  3. The toll fee’s have been inflating at rapid speeds, and the City honestly, does not focus on fixing the congestion of traffic over Los Angeles and are more focused on having more money in their pockets, and simply show no interest in fixing the traffic in Los Angeles but would rather take away freeway lane’s that our tax payers paid for.


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