Westside Subway Extension flyover video!

Fun video by ExpoLineFan posted to YouTube this morning showing a flyover of the future Westside Subway Extension using Google Maps and animation.

Two cautionary notes: the alignment shown in the video is only a general description and is not completely accurate, particularly in the western Beverly Hills to Westwood section. Here is a link to a Metro document with maps that show the precise route the subway will take and a more general map is below.

The video is also a little overly enthusiastic and takes the line all the way to Santa Monica. The Westside Subway Extension is only funded at this time to the Westwood/VA Station.


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  1. If the Flyover video was accurate, then the Purple Line would tunnel right under Marilyn Monroe’s crypt. Kinda ironic.


  2. I love that this is happening. I’m just sad that with the 18 year timeframe, I’ll be nearing retirement age when this is all done, and will have very little opportunity to use it for a commute. But to future residents of the city, it will be nothing short of miraculous.